2022 New Guitar Prototype Previews

2022 New Guitar Prototype Previews

Hey ESP All Access Community Members,

It's that time of year again. Starting this Friday (November 19, 2021), we'll be sending out weekly email blasts exclusively to ESP All Access members to give you an early heads-up about new guitar models we're planning on introducing in 2022. Use this forum thread to discuss the new prototypes... we welcome your feedback, as always.

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We've got a lot of great new models to show you and we're excited to get rolling on these previews! Thanks, and enjoy.

Phil F.

Single Humbucker reverse headstock hardtail Horizon please!


I'd buy an Evertune loaded FRX in a heartbeat.

Please make it happen!

YE 京帥 王

 Yes! Me too but in 8 or 9 string Evertune FRX!

Cederick F.

All guitars should have EVERTUNE

I love being in tune all the time, not possible with regular bridges


(nope, not even with "proper setup"...)

Stephen F.

I hopped onto this:  

2022 New Guitar Prototype Previews

but there were no guitars there?  Why?


Jeff K.

Hi Steve. The prototype pictures are being emailed each Friday to registered members of the ESP All Access community. If you'd like to sign up, you'll receive them. 


First time following a guitar company's releases, will there be new guitars in January for Australia? Thanks

Chris L.

ESP logo on headstock. Not LTD, not some other shit. It's part of the brand, it's a big reason people buy. Aside from wanting the genuine article, dont people think that cheapens the look? Just reminds me of the sunburst epiphone les paul copy I played in school. I understand the price point differences, I'm just saying. I would absolutely not purchase anything with an LTD logo. Wouldn't entertain the notion for a second. Some people would, that's fine. Just giving feedback from another perspective 

Jeff K.

We have plenty of guitars under the ESP and ESP USA brands, Chris. The phase of new products we're debuting now are in the LTD range. We're never going to slap a label on a guitar to make it seem like something it's not. In the case of ESP, those guitars are all handcrafted one at a a time. Thanks for writing.

Mark J.

Please make an EC model with a 25.5 scale. With a floyd rose and tunematic bridge. Thank you!

Scott R.

I’m hoping ESP will let your down, and make a prototype that looks new. A prototype ought to be something nobody already owns, and nothing that can already be purchased, that is a jaw dropper and knocks your socks off. Plus, in my opinion, you could show off the 7 and 8 string multi-scale extended-fret versions, and offer a conservative regular 6 as an option for normal people. Why cater to these? Just sayin’. 

Brendan Breakdown

LTD Deluxe Viper-1000M in See Thru Black Cherry finish”

Solid, simple, classic. There’s something about seeing the mahogany wood pop like that..it says built to last and tour ready. 

Garth R.

I’d just love to be able to afford any deluxe model

Reverend Randy Ray

The LTD Deluxe Viper-1000M in See Thru Black Cherry finish looks amazing, basically simple and elegantly beautiful. Made the mistake of giving my LTD Viper to a friend a few years ago and I miss it!  I have several ESP's and he was enthralled.....This looks to be a good replacement!


evertune rocks.... here is my latest build 

the first ever steel body guitar with a successful ever-tune installation

D&C Black Hole

and my taken on the SG 

D&C Steel SG



Michael L.

I like the See Thru Black Cherry finish of the last LTD Deluxe Viper-1000M.
Hope to see that finish on an EC1000

As usual, it's a great work. Congrats to the team.

Jeff M.

Just picked up s EC 1000 black  and gave is a proper high gloss finish with gold Babiz T.O.M it's a dream....i have the same guitar but left the satin finish and blacked it out btw these are  LTDs I'm talking about lol i really want a E-ll purple or red sparkle!!! But who knows what your coming next might fall in love with sumpin new, I've got serious problem!

Roger K.

The LTD Deluxe Viper-1000M in See Thru Black Cherry ! I've been waiting for Viper-1000 in a color I like. Looks like this is going to be the year to put another LTD alongside my BK-600.

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