2022 New Guitar Prototype Previews

2022 New Guitar Prototype Previews

Hey ESP All Access Community Members,

It's that time of year again. Starting this Friday (November 19, 2021), we'll be sending out weekly email blasts exclusively to ESP All Access members to give you an early heads-up about new guitar models we're planning on introducing in 2022. Use this forum thread to discuss the new prototypes... we welcome your feedback, as always.

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We've got a lot of great new models to show you and we're excited to get rolling on these previews! Thanks, and enjoy.

Robert P.

Nicely done, I do like stylistic aspects, and am always looking forward to gear that I already knoiw is going to be exceptional.

honeybunches Of DEATH

Please....more colors and finishes for the Arrow-1000 line! I own three Arrow-1000s and they are absolutely spectacular! 


Amin H.

I need an LTD Viper or EX Camo finish, ebony board, floyd rose and EMGs

Bartek K

Guys... Mirage Deluxe 87' with additional carves like in M-1 Custom 87'. And new colours - more like those of M-1 Custom style of red and blue/classic/ 80' sport cars colours. This will be ACE!

YE 京帥 王

LTD Deluxe F-1001 in Violet Andromeda Satin finish - but with:
*8 string

*Evertune bridge

Jeff K.

If you haven't checked your inbox yet, Prototype Preview #2 just went out. Enjoy!

Michael I.

Eii Eclipse with a Floyd and I’d cut the check. 

Andy V80

I believe in a E-II HORIZON FR-II with the design, especialy this beautiful head, of a H-1001 (same color and binding of the body and head) <3

Tomasz C.

Please, make an F-bass in Black Metal series style. Satin finish, only one volume knob, and luminlay as side dots. 

Steve M.

You guys can do no wrong ! 

Deviant  Person

how about you say LTD stream then I’ll be interested

Zack D.

SV 7 String FR

Djerek K.

I think it would be great to see a Snapper with 22 frets and a Floyd, but with a deeper cutaway in the lower bout for better upper fret access.  It would be perfect to have a passive humbucker in the bridge with two passive single coils in the middle and neck.  Overall, to see more 22 fret options would be great, and more of your headstocks straight instead of tilted backward.  Thanks for eliciting our thoughts!

Zach K.

I understand the big G would probably be breathing down your neck, but I would love to see the Hetfield MX Man Into Wolf be reissued along side the new colors for his guitars. The more Hetfield, the better!

Matt W.

How about a signature Vitto Bratta Super Strat? Do two versions: one is the classic white one from the Pride album. Other is the yellow one from the “Love Don’t Come Easy” video, yellow with maple fretboard. Would sell like hot cakes. 

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