2021 New Guitar Prototype Previews

2021 New Guitar Prototype Previews

Hey ESP All Access Members and Friends! Here's the forum post where you can discuss your thoughts on the "New for 2021" prototype previews that we're starting to send out each week... with the first one going out tonight (Friday October 9, 2020). If you're an ESP All Access member, you should be receiving Preview #1 in your email inbox sometime in the next 12 hours or so. Feel free to tell us what you think here! Thanks.


Bro., that will be a cool and good idea. But I think you should try it.


Someday I would love to own an Esp. I love the eclipse model so someday maybe. It's the dream for sure. Just not in the cards budget wise. Nice to seen the new models.

Brendan Breakdown

Very classy finish!

Michael D.

EC-1000 BB stand for black baritone? 

(wishful thinking) looks awesome though!


I love the look of the EC - 1000 in black with the evertune bridge.  Finally an EC with an evertune bridge! Any chance it will be available in a left handed model?

Tom Sisson

Kristiyan  S.

YEP! Veeery nice. Like that or with fishmans

Michael L.

Cool guitar, the satin black is always a cool color

jean-baptiste K.

Evertune is awesome. I only hope they release an EII 6 strings with one.

YE 京帥 王

They have already:

jean-baptiste K.
YE 京帥 王 wrote:

They have already:


Yeah I know, I forgot to add that I'd like it to be a superstrat and not a single cut...

ESP Freak

I guess I am a Guitar snob...Everything is LTD...how about some US built and Japanese built models?


Digging the new protoytypes so far, loving the focus on evertune and nice finishes. Would love to see something available with eventune in that gold andromeda finish with Fishmans.

If i can finally get an ESP LTD 1000 series that has an evertune as well with a blingin' finish and fishmans I'll be delighted!


Just see the latest LTD prototype on my email. EC-1000 BB with evertune. I'm not interested in buying evertune equipped guitar yet, but I'm OK if ESP wants to release more guitar with it.

I write this because like E-II eclipse BB very much and will buy one, hopefully, soon. I'm worry after this particular color is released with LTD brand, the E-II version will discontinue. I don't want to buy LTD because there is no LTD dealer in my country. Here, I only have ESP and E-II dealer. Please ESP, don't discontinue the current E-II eclipse BB.

YE 京帥 王

maxthon d.

the forum post where you can discuss your thoughts

Oliver I.

The bold binding ec-1000 Looks amazing.  Í´ ll get it, but only if they´ll take out the Evertune Bridge,... 

Brendan Breakdown

That pearl pink ps-1 is super classy! 

YE 京帥 王

Thank you so much!
Click on the model name to see details:




Where’s the sc609b at? 

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