2021 New Guitar Prototype Previews

2021 New Guitar Prototype Previews

Hey ESP All Access Members and Friends! Here's the forum post where you can discuss your thoughts on the "New for 2021" prototype previews that we're starting to send out each week... with the first one going out tonight (Friday October 9, 2020). If you're an ESP All Access member, you should be receiving Preview #1 in your email inbox sometime in the next 12 hours or so. Feel free to tell us what you think here! Thanks.

Danny Varick

Just bought the eii eclipse vintage black, omg! I want more!!!


Welcome to the crazy, fun world of ESP. Where when one won't suffice . . . 2 or 3 won't either xd. Dont tell your wallet that though  Cheers

john n.

put a real floyd in it and i'd be very interested....but with some pickup options.


Javier Reyes 8 string snapper pls pls fingers crossed fingers crossed!!! haha. Also some new Hammett action, like the gold V-II with pg!!! Sammy Duet stuff hecc yeah ESP pls. Hope 2021 will bring some new tastys to add to the fam haha ! mmm mm  mmm. Also get Marta Gabriel more ESPs !! Bring back V action \m/ dang i love ESP. (excuse the loose comment punctuation im just a big fan) ESP always brings cool cool new stuff, I'm sure we wont be dissapointed.

Donald R.

Where can I see the pictures?  I received an email with one picture showing only part of the body.

Monique Dunn

I cannot wait to see new Basses


Not that I need anymore basses but yes

Monique Dunn

I'm waiting on EPS USA Basses

jean-baptiste K.

That would be awesome !! But very unlikely. ESP doesn't give enough love to us bass players :'(

Muz S.

I can’t wait to see the full line of colours in the Eclipses. My wallet is burning a hole in my pocket. Fingers crossed for more figured tops!


I wish for more roasted maple + stainless steel fret options. Can't get enough of the Snappers. ESP PLEASE. 

Ksistof J.

Return gibson style hetfields flying v and explorer from early 90ties


I'm hoping that they bring out a newer version of the Ltd M-1001 maybe in something different to See Through Black.

jean-baptiste K.

My main hope is that ESP releases LTD 1000 with satin neck finishes. I own a solar guitar and they are better than LTD for cheaper because their neck is satin instead of shitty gloss.

Brendan Breakdown

If I didn’t have a bass already for home recording the m-4 in black metal would be on the top of my list! On second thought..I may need another for a different tuning

Scott W.

With the rise of neo soul and prog metal bands like Polyphia, Chon, Intervals, Plini, etc... I think ESP/LTD revisiting their SN lineup would be really cool because of the need of the 5 way switch and the 4th pickup position. Especially if featuring a Gotoh tremolo instead of a Floyd rose with stainless steel frets and a quality nut. 


Will the ECM-1000 in gold be available in a left handed model?  Also how many and what types of the 2021 lineup of guitars will be available in left handed models?

Tom Sisson

Silvano P.

Loving what I'm seeing so far! Only suggestion I have is maybe for Eclipse models, make a 22-fret version? Same colors and everything, just make a 22-fret version alongside the 24-fret. 

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