2021 New Guitar Prototype Previews

2021 New Guitar Prototype Previews

Hey ESP All Access Members and Friends! Here's the forum post where you can discuss your thoughts on the "New for 2021" prototype previews that we're starting to send out each week... with the first one going out tonight (Friday October 9, 2020). If you're an ESP All Access member, you should be receiving Preview #1 in your email inbox sometime in the next 12 hours or so. Feel free to tell us what you think here! Thanks.

Michael L.

Yeahhh new guitars.I like the granite sparkle design.

The Eclipse JAWBREAKER is great too.

DesolationBlvd wrote:

I was this close to ordering an M-II FR NTB from the USA shop this year. But the introduction of the Eclipse Semi-Hollow and the Jawbreaker finish has me reconsidering. I'm guessing Jawbreaker would be a $100 upcharge from a regular solid finish like Blood Splatter is?

aw rats, I saw "jawbreaker" and was hoping it was a vernon reid type thing.


I have a question.  For the 2021 lineup, will there be changes to the ESP Original Series guitars such as the ESP Mystique CTM or the ESP Horizon NT CTM?  Also, for these types of guitars can they be ordered left handed, and if so, how long is the wait for a left handed ESP Mystique CTM or a left handed ESP Horizon NT CTM?

Tom Sisson

Rune J.

If you go on the Japanese site, all ESP originals can be ordered as lefthanded for a small upcharge (compared to the guitar price). I don't know why ESP US site doesn't show that information.

In general the ESP US is lacking compared to the ESP Japanese site.

Stephen S.

These stupid live things could have just been a youtube video 

Archer C.

goo job!

Brian W.

Very disappointed in ESP for 2021....beautiful guitars, but bassists got stiffed. Two un-interesting models.....

Rihana B.


Pavel B.

Thanks for the information

Georg H.


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