How to pass the interview successfully?

How to pass the interview successfully?

I had two interviews last week. But they were unsuccessful. Several people claimed one position. And it wasn't me who was chosen. I know what my failure is. I get lost on the same questions - Why should choose you? And why did you leave the last job?
I can't talk about myself and.... It's complicated... How am I supposed to get interviewed? I need a job, damn it.


rekekih r.

You need to be confident in your knowledge and choose vacancies from your experience. In interviews, I like it when there's a dialogue. Otherwise it's an interrogation.


lagot m.

I have an interview tomorrow for a job I really want, followed by a procedure I've been putting off for over a year. I don’t know what I’m more nervous about. i need to prepare to tell me about yourself but i don't have time. I guess i won't sleep tonight.


Lennart a.

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weyokig m.

i just got an email that i have a job interview tomorrow i totally forgot. Ahh fml if i get it i’ll have 4 jobs?? No bc 3 jobs already stresses me out fml

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