[NAD] wet-dry-wet and some studio pics

[NAD] wet-dry-wet and some studio pics

so actually NAD was yesterday,  I was too bust jamming to post   I've been playing playing through a stereo 4x12 with an Eventide H9 for years and just went wet dry wet... and it sounds amazing!  I added an Orange OR15 to my Jim Root dark terror and my TH30.  I'm running my #4 and TH30 in stereo with an H9 and the OR 15 dry.  oh... and a combination of Eminence Swamp Thangs and Texas Heats...  tunings:  haha no ok I'm done.


Some other pics around the room tho  





oh,  and here's a post to my imgur with larger pics


wow don't everyone talk at once


this place has sure gone to shit as far as actual discussions go, huh?



I'm really impressed with how much cool gear you fit in that bedroom. do you get to turn those oranges up loud in there?


Yeah, there is not a lot of activity on the forums anymore.  That is quite impressive how you are able to squeeze all that gear into the available space.  Not to mention the gear itself.

Benjamin T.

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Liolly P.

Thanks for the photo!

Beauvais G.

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