How long does shipping usually take?

How long does shipping usually take?

Hey, not sure if this is the right topic for this question and not sure if it has been asked before. Lot of threads but didn’t see any previous posts. This is my first time ordering straight from the company and not a dealer like GC. So my question is how long does it normally take from shipped to my doorstep? There is no option for overnight, 2 day etc. is the shipping standard 4-7 business day? And what was the fastest shipping time anyone experienced when using shop esp?

Liolly P.

Did you get the tracking number? I know that many companies offer you more flexible terms of delivery for your order, but it will be difficult for you to track your order in this case. I used Trademe shipping several times to get my order a little faster than I should, so if you don't have any information about this yet, I advise you to find out the tracking number and ask the manager which delivery service they use.

Vick M.


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