2020 New Product Prototypes

2020 New Product Prototypes

Here's our annual thread to discuss the new guitar and bass prototype pics we'll be starting to send out to ESP All Access members today!

Nathan M.

YES! STAINLESS STEEL FRETS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to be the first person to buy that F-1004 bass. 

Fingers are still crossed for a new Alexi Laiho sig too. (Even if CoB is breaking up :( )

Lorenzo P.

I'm really digging the SN-1000ht in purple blast. I'm definitely getting it when it's available for purchase. Hopefully we can get a ht model in a red blast as well 


You guys are killing me lol.  The new D series basses look amazing.  

Andy G.

M-1000 looks good but we also want a fixed bridge version, thus M-1000HT.

SN1000HT is nice, though I would prefer without this plastic cover - just pure body instead.


ESP just needs to bring back the ESP Standard line.  Keep the Ltd. line as always and ditch the E-II labeled line.

Ditching the ESP Standards IMO was the biggest mistake ESP has ever made. 


For sure, ESP standard really needs to come back or they just need to make more compelling E-II guitars. Hopefully that'll happen this year. 

John H.

When do the Phoenix models become available and what are we looking at pricewise? 


Also, the Horizon III body and an HS pickup configuration and 27 frets is a match made in heaven. Throw in a reverse headstock and you have perfection. God, I'd really love to see production models of these. Here's some Custom Shop stuff and some shitty mockups I made. 


Oh and if more E-II and LTD models could come in this pink and black aqua color, that'd be great. 

Winter M.

So the SN-1000NT comes with stainless steel frets. Are you planning to the same with EC-1000 blue natural fade?

Peter L.

EC-1000 Floyd Rose in white with gold hardware, bring it

Jeff K.

We've just sent out the first of our Phase III/IV preview models. By the way... we're going to give you Phase III and IV together, shortly after the start of the new year. It includes our new and updated Signature Series models, a few extra guitars that didn't get into the first two phases, and an entirely new series of instruments that we think you'll enjoy. Thanks for all the great feedback you're giving us! Keep it up!

Michael D.

The new Nergal sig looks intriguing! Can't wait to see the rest.

Michael M.

Was the only view of the Nergal signature in the email?

Jeff K.

Yes, until we unveil the remainder of our new models.

Deviant  Person

Hey Jeff K. Will there be any plans to add the guitar version of the stream to the LTD lineup



I would love to see an updated version of the Ltd M-1001FM still with Floyd Rose 1000SE and EMG Active Pickups but available in other colours rather than just Black.


All I want in life is  Phoenix-1000 See Thru Black Cherry and the M-1000 in Purple Natural Burst. That's it and I'd be ok with Ragnarok. The Phoenix with Fluence pups!?! Cannot frekking wait. 

Rory G.

When exactly will the basses be available in 2020 and will there be left handed versions of the F models?

Andy G.

I really hope there will be more M series models with a hard tail. 400 and 1000 deluxe. With HH. 

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