2020 New Product Prototypes

2020 New Product Prototypes

Here's our annual thread to discuss the new guitar and bass prototype pics we'll be starting to send out to ESP All Access members today!

Andrew B.

Would love to see this finish on the EC-1000!  Or the matte purple that is on the Baritone Carpenter model you released this year!!

Alejandro C.

Pictures, pictures!!!

Jeff K.

In your email, Alejandro.  

Alejandro C.
Jeff K. wrote:

In your email, Alejandro.  

Is just one pic!!, a closed one, at least 2 would be nice! full body!!!

Steve D.

Where can we see the pictures?   I didn’t see them in the original email?

Jason W.

Yes we need pictures please.

Jeff K.

Check your email, Jason. We send this to all members who, in their profile setup, allow us to send marketing messages to them.

Dave B.

Yes!!!  Please produce this LTD Deluxe Viper-1000 in See Thru Purple Sunburst.  Stunning guitar... especially with the black hardware.  Please offer passive pickups (as shown in the prototype photo).  Post more pics please...

Oliver I.
Jeff K. wrote:

Here's our annual thread to discuss the new guitar and bass prototype pics we'll be starting to send out to ESP All Access members today!


Jonathan  A.

Can y’all please bring back the Vintage bass series. 

Tyrone J.

Left handed!!!!!! Its soooooo hard for me to get a left handed guitar in anything other than black 

Hekate's flame

I suggest more  26" 26.5" or 27" scale guitars with neck-through build and Evertune or Floyd Rose, perhaps the Sophia tremolo. Maybe a TOM with stop tail.

More colors.

Also expand variety in MH-1000 series with H-S pickups configuration, DEFINITELY extended scale options IN THE MH-1000 LINE, EMG pickups. Colors to consider: purple, blue-greens, crimson red, or white -- all with black components.... take a look at the color options in Schecter Sun Valley SS and the Charvel San Dimas guitars for some of the better color options. Ernie Ball also has some nice colors, like the "Toluca Lake Blue."

I also vote for gloss finishes rather than satin in any scenario. All the satin guitars chip too easily.


This this this I want a baritone eclipse 6 string so bad. 

Hekate's flame
Sadasar wrote:

This this this I want a baritone eclipse 6 string so bad. 

I second that. I would like Eclipse and MH guitar options with greater scale length (like baritone or the RGD, 26.5" length), gloss finish with Evertune or FR and both EMG and Fishman pickup options --the latter probably being the better option. Your standard ESP TOM is a good options also on the Eclipse models with expanded scale. Always include a tone knob with the great mahogany body of ESP, that along with the great thin U neck makes ESP ten times better than any Ibanez.

Michael L.

I agree...satin chips really easy.....



Looking for a baritone viper with a gloss finish and passive pups. Please make it happen.


All I see is a piece of the Viper LTD Deluxe 1000. What I see looks good but I'd love a better look.

Jeff K.

This is just a preview. We are currently planning for a debut of Phase I of the 2020 models in November. More preview emails coming soon.

matt c.

whats the hardest one to make for you guys


Michael T.

Make this finish for the B1005MS!


Greetings, Jeff K.

We need this exactly, but in:

8 string, Sophia Tremolo, ebony frets, Black Metal Series, 1 volume knob only, 1 bridge pickup only, EMG Active.

We really need an 8 string Viper!


Best regards!

Jeff K.

It's great seeing everyone excited about the 2020 Previews! We have plenty more to show you, and we will.

Georg O.

I don't know if these french guys have a patent for it, but how about making instruments with a carbon fiber rod instead of a steel truss rod? Never need to adjust the neck again, it always stays straight.
Although they are around with it since decades, their brand is almost unknown and so the technology never really surfaced. So if you guys are still into making the best possible instruments, maybe take a look into the topic.

Jeff K.

Hi Georg. We use carbon fiber neck reinforcement in all of our our ESP USA models. https://www.espguitars.com/pages/usa-eclipse

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