2019 New Guitar & Bass Press Release Previews

2019 New Guitar & Bass Press Release Previews

Hey all you ESP All Access members. Over the next few days, you should be receiving some sneak peeks of our press releases for new product announcements sent straight to your email inbox. These are leading up to this coming Friday December 14, when our full "2019 New Guitar & Bass Preview" will be live here on the ESP site.

If you want to discuss anything about the press release information, this is the place to do it. Again, keep in mind that sometime on Friday, we'll let the cat out of the bag for everyone. This is just a little heads-up as a "thank you" for all the people who are part of our terrific All Access community.


Jan S.

Holy mother of all that is fucking awesome!
I just bough a 2005 ESP M-II thinking that would soften my need for a brand spankin new guitar, but if the new LTD Stef model
looks just like that custom shop pic above, I'm pretty sure I will lose my shit and look for any way possible to get my hands on one.

Curvy Horizon body, reverse HS, fixed bridge, string through, no middle humbucker, awesome color, ...

GOD DAMN! That's what I want!

Hubert C.

I still have hope for ltd V,or non trem Arrow.

Ed D.

Is the George Lynch Tiger (GL-200T) a reissue?  I think I remember a 200-MT a few years back.



new innovations for days

Jeff K.

Just a reminder: on Friday's posting of the "2019 New Guitar & Bass Preview", we'll have photos available of the majority of the new stuff, so you'll be able to see many of the details for yourself. Meanwhile, each day this week we'll keep sending out those press releases, and we welcome all of your comments!

Bruce F.

Make one in Forest Green

Duane B.

I hope they will bring back an E-II Eclipse in gloss black or white with black hardware,fell one hard times and had to sell mine lt was was the best guitar i ever owned and want to get another one.

Kevin M.

The world is begging for a 7 string V, was hoping to see an E-ii model in Andromeda.

Dann Feltrin

I'm still waiting for a LTD M-400 with the traditional inverted headstock, string thru-body, with either Seymour Duncan's Sentient/Pegasus or EMG 81/85, in any finish. It hurts my heart not having a M-400 model with 2HB pickups and no-tremolo, as the only option right now is the 403HT, but with HSS configuration it is a NO WAY for me.

Cory W.

Kind of curious what new additions will be in the EII line...


Yes! E-II Arrow-NT Snow White! Thank you, this made my year.

Laszlo V.

AJFA, please!

David P.

Did you guys read like me « new EMG 57/66 twin set with coil splitting »?? WTF

Nathan M.

I'd really like to see one of those new E-II horizons (or even an Arrow) come with a maple fingerboard! 

Michael L.

Oooh can't wait to see the Eclipse II in Blue

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