Are ESP guitars worth the money?

Robin m.

I recently traded guitars for an LTD EC-401 and I love the way they play. Started looking into getting a genuine ESP Eclipse for my main guitar, but the price is astronomical. (4,999 USD). After looking at the specs they are almost identical to the LTD's, what makes them worth so much more? Has anyone played one?


Well. you're missing a few steps between an EC-401 and an ESP Original (or ESP USA) Eclipse. From the 401, next would be an LTD EC-1000 and then an E-II Eclipse (which used to be the ESP Standard Series before the rebrand) before getting to the ESP.

The ESP Original guitars are made by the same people that make the custom shop guitars and are custom shop quality. The LTD and E-II models are made on an assembly line. That's not to say that that the LTD and E-II guitars aren't good guitars. I think the guitars across the lines are comparable to other guitars in their respective price ranges.

Whether or not the increased quality and attention to detail of the ESP model is worth it to you, only you can decide that.

ESP 348

There is nothing like playing an ESP Custom Shop guitar.

ESP really do make the best guitars in the world and they are worth every cent.

Flying Dutchmen

Best advice (if you want to save money...) never, ever play/touch a 'real deal' ESP Custom shop, because you will be heavily infected by the virus and only want to play and buy the ESP's from that very moment....

But yes, also from my  perspective and experience the difference between LTD and CS ESP is totally different, the ESP's are superb quality, tonal spectrum and playability and you 'feel' the guitar. I would say give it a try!

Tim H.

Completely agree with Flying Dutchmen. ESP custom shop guitars are amazing. I've owned one and played several other ones. The craftsmanship is undeniable. Once you play one, you won't want anything else. A real ESP is totally worth it. IMO


Real ESP guitars are worth every penny, i used to be an Ibanez guy until i played an ESP, a real ESP, man that changed me, I went and bought one right away.  It was expensive but I sold all of my Ibanez guitars to buy one ESP

Nora C.

amazing esp guitars

Mark C.

I used to own like ibanez, jackson, dean guitars before but I sold and traded all of them coz what I really wanted was an ESP. Then I finally got an AS1, it was incredibe! Then after a few months I got a real ESP MII. Damn that thing is just awesome. The feel is just different. It's kinda true I guess when you get a real ESP you never want to go back to owning like other lower guitar models.

Constance S.

Yeah, they are worth the money that company is asking for them and I understand that because when I was a student I was not able to buy one of it due to some of the problems that I have in my financial state but right now there a lot of different services that will give you a chance to borrow some mount, for example. For my audition at university I took some money here and bought a nice guitar that helped me get into a rock group that I am currently in. So, I would say that it is worth your money but it is a little bit expensive for people like me.

emma j.

Yes, they are worth the money that the company is asking for them, and I understand that because when I was a student, I was unable to get one due to financial difficulties, but there are now a variety of services that will allow you to borrow some mount, for example. I borrowed money from for my university audition. I also purchased a good guitar, which assisted me in joining a rock band that I am currently a member of. So, I'd say it's worth your money, however it's a little pricey for folks like me.

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