What are you playing?

What are you playing?

What game do you play? It doesn't matter on which console.

Lately I'm stuck on tank trouble but can't beat the computer yet.


Among all Browser games, my favorites are Electric Man 2 and Text Twist 2 .

Andy G.

I often play Pubg games and right now winning

Jerry H.

I am playing cricket but I want to play guitar and one day I want to be a great singer.

Steven N.

What about this game: http://catninjapro.com/

Been playing almost a week.


I play Call of Duty and at work Electric Man and World of Solitaire


I play Call of Duty MW at home.

Jimbo B.
Steven N. wrote:

What game do you play? It doesn't matter on which console.

Lately I'm stuck on tank trouble but can't beat the computer yet.

I know Tank Trouble, I have been playing it for a while during quarantine But I love to play Little Alchemy 2 more.


I love to play PC games, and one of my favorite is the game free fire. I just also discovered it while browsing the gaming sites

They offer a lot of games their that can be played on PC, they also have a guide on how to download it easily without emulators

Advert C.

I do play cs go and Dota. Even more, I bet on it with https://parimatch.co.tz/sw/e-sports for Tanzania citizens who are more likely to use Swahili. In some days i love to play GTA 5 or Witcher. Single games are cool, but i need something multiplying during the corona haha. If you wish we can play together is something I have already listed.

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Playing casino games

Sam W.

The guitar is what I depend on to energize myself after many hours working in the virtual staging company.

villages l.

I playing clicker heroes. This game is an idle game.

Jimbo B.

I can’t get enough of animes which are about main characters trapped in video games.



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