Kirk Hammett Gibson V Custom Shop Battery?.

Kirk Hammett Gibson V Custom Shop Battery?.

Hi guys - just saw those Kirk Hammett Gibson Custom Shop V's They made 100 of em..

Curious to know where the battery compartment is for the EMG's?



Road King

Probably under the pickguard.


I was thinking that - but damn you have allot of shit to remove to get to them!

Road King

Just buy the EMG power supply. No batteries needed.


I'm going to mod a V shortly and knock a hole in the back of it to put a battery box it. Blasphemy, but it's a pain to take the pick guard off those damn things.


Yeah it looks to be a hassle .lucky Kirk has a guitar tech to do it .

Road King

EMG sells an external power supply. I own one and it's great. No batteries or holes in your guitar.


if you put the battery under a pickguard, just get a 9v lithium battery. the one in my charvel's going on a few years already with no loss of output strength. I have many guitars, so I don't play that particular one every day, but it gets its fair share of use. it's really a non-issue having it under the pickguard. the lithium is more for the increased shelf life (no leaking alkalines under the pickguard). just remember to unplug the guitar when you're not playing.


honestly the external power supply is way more of a hassle than removing the pickguard every couple of years. you have to carry the box around with your guitar and use the stereo instrument cable. you should be removing the pickguard with that frequency anyway to do regular maintenance/cleaning electronics/etc.

Road King

I wouldn't get the box just for one guitar. It's not a hassle if you have many guitars with EMGs. Full 9V or 18V power 24/7/365.


I used to have one and its under the pick guard.  My guitar tech told me it was jammed in there and hard to get at but he was able to change the battery for me.

Also, I don't think it was mentioned but make sure you keep the guitar unplugged.  If you leave you cable connected it will still drain the battery.

The G.

Not a V, but I went to Terrapin guitars for a custom guard. On my Lotus strat, I have a piece that is removable so I don't have to undo everything.


Just had a guy show me his and it's so simple. You only have to undo the screws around the controls. Lift it slightly and it's right there! Simple change over. 


Just changed mine in my Hammett Gibson v yesterday. Like you said don't have to take the whole guard off.

John E.

It's look to be awesome

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