NEW: ESP USA Configurator

NEW: ESP USA Configurator

Hey people. If you haven't checked it out yet, we've just launched the ESP USA configurator.


Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

Just had a look and it is awesome. Easy to use and you get to see the result right there and then. Nice work.

Jeff K.

Thanks Kjetil. We're still working through some little tweaks here and there, but it's pretty cool and we're proud of it.

Matt A.

I thought it would have more options to really customize your guitar.  Kind of like filling out the Custom Shop form, but being able to actually see what your guitar would look like as you "build" it.

Jeff K.

Hey Matt. We were actually careful to not call it a "Custom Shop" configurator... it's not. But it is a better way to visualize the personalization options for an ESP USA model. Thanks.

The G.

It's nifty. I was also expecting full on customization, but I ended up doing an EMG'd purple 7 stringer.

ESP 348

This has to be one of the greatest giveaway's EVER!!

Hats off to ESP for doing this! I hope I win.

Thomas F.

For a few minutes there I felt like a powerful magician. I have to say it's  great fun to mess around with.

Jeff K.

You are indeed a powerful magician! Never forget that! Thanks Thomas.


 Can you guys get some white Paint? Lol.

Jeff K.

We all agree that we need more solid colors! Hopefully coming soon, slab.


Jeff, in the case of a real order, would the USA shop be willing to do one of the finishes without the burst? Like if I just wanted the center color of the Emerald burst on an Eclipse without the perimeter color? Would that be something they'd consider doing?

Jeff K.

Hey Pus. That's been one of the big topics of conversation. Several of us have been in favor from early on of a) adding more solid colors and b) offering more non-burst translucent finishes over figured tops. I'll be happy to check with our USA team to see if this specific request is possible.

Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

That would be great if you have more to chose from in solid color section.

Dave R.

Four new solid finishes have been added.


 OK, I'll bite.


Are these available for current production?  If not, when?  

How about the rest of the specs, body wood, neck joint / neck shape, scale, blank fret bored, fret size, tuners, etc.

Is the price generated, list?  Do we order thru a dealer or ESP direct?  Is a OHSC included?

Sorry if these questions have been already addressed, please provide link.  Thanks so much in advance.

ESP Roxorz1!1!






Jeff K.

Hey Gfunk. As has been mentioned, ESP USA is not in any way a full custom shop like our ESP Custom Shop in Japan is. What we are offering is several personalization options rather than full customization. It's meant to be a big step up from only being offered the finishes, top woods, etc. that we'd choose. The guitar you personalize will be built for you here at our SoCal ESP USA facility.

When you configure the guitar, there is an order button. One of our people at ESP would be in touch to make arrangements for the purchase. And yes, a special hard case is included.

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