Learning to play guitar

Learning to play guitar

i just recently purchased a EspLtd EC-256 guitar along with a Acoustiv G120 DSP amp. I started playing back in the mid 90's or trying to lol just now getting back into playing again. I can read tab and all from like Guitar Word magazines, but I want to learn to play songs the right way. Not just put fingers here kinda thing I want to learn the cords and understand what I am actually playing. Is there any new apps or programs out there that would teach this? Any information or positive feed back would be awesome! Thanks for reading this and trying to help me out!


The best advice I know to give you is get your hands on all the tabs you can find and practice, practice, practice.


Thank you! 


So you mean you want to learn theory? well theres so much learning resources out there for free, just google or pick up some books.

As for learning songs, its better to do by ear rather than tab.


I believe if you focus on learning via things you enjoy, like playing some great songs from your favorite artists, you’ll eventually seek to push your knowledge deeper and go for the crazy stuff like learning scales and all that jazz.


Thank you all for the great advice!  I got the guitar theory for dummies off of amazon as well as Learning guitar for dummies i think it was called.

Alaina O.

Its really a fun moments when you are trying to play.

Olivia  G.

take advantage of the YouTube. there are a lot of teaching lessons.

Tim H.

I agree with Razorburn. Play anything and everything as much as possible. Also, practice while playing with music, a backing track, a band, or simple drum beat. It will help.

Hayden  G.

I think that on YouTube you can find a lot of tips and training on playing the guitar of songs. I think it will be much clearer.I still often used some site it is so cool that atm you can even find an essay.


Thanks for the input folks!  I'm still plucking along!

Daisy  R.

Hi bro! EspLtd EC-250 guitar is better

Thanks a lot!

Laura W.


Marsha R.

Practice makes practice! I think that's how it goes...

Pol N.

Thanks for the advices

Hayden  T.

You can find a video lesson on YouTube. For example, you can watch video lessons at Marty music channel, great lessons, and he's a great teacher. It seems to me that this is a good option for training. I always surf the web when I need to find some educational stuff. I once was writing an essay about the book the things they carried and from this page I started to use educational resources for everything. You can find so much useful information on the web nowadays.

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