NGD: My first RZ(KH)

    I found it scouring Craigslist. Crazy good deal, it's an early '90s model, 1993 to be exact. Nothing plays better than an early '90s ESP, in my opinion.


    I present to you, the first of what I assume will be many, original Richard Kruspe signature guitars:


    It arrived like this:


    This headstock isn't quite right:


    Better take it down to the shop:


    Making sure the angle is correct:


    Here we go:


    Turned out pretty nice:


    I have no idea whose signature this is. That isn't how RZK signs his name:


    Much better:


    Got her strung up with some SIT strings:


    She fits in beatifully. The pickguard is on order. I'm going to enjoy it just like this for now. I'll probably put the guard on in a few months. Or as soon as I get it. Depends how I feel.


    It sounds wonderful. Plays like a dream. I can't believe it's taken me this long to get one.


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