NGD: My first RZ(KH)

    I found it scouring Craigslist. Crazy good deal, it's an early '90s model, 1993 to be exact. Nothing plays better than an early '90s ESP, in my opinion.


    I present to you, the first of what I assume will be many, original Richard Kruspe signature guitars:


    It arrived like this:


    This headstock isn't quite right:


    Better take it down to the shop:


    Making sure the angle is correct:


    Here we go:


    Turned out pretty nice:


    I have no idea whose signature this is. That isn't how RZK signs his name:


    Much better:


    Got her strung up with some SIT strings:


    She fits in beatifully. The pickguard is on order. I'm going to enjoy it just like this for now. I'll probably put the guard on in a few months. Or as soon as I get it. Depends how I feel.


    It sounds wonderful. Plays like a dream. I can't believe it's taken me this long to get one.


    • Road King

      Congrats. He played a regular KH in the LAB concert. You must be going for the Mutter look. The flamethrower setup may be tricky.

      • RZK

        Yes, he did. The reason why I wanted to clip mine is that I'm obviously going for an RZK theme, and that headstock is associated with Richard. Also, as I understand, he just modified the KH guitars he used on the Sehnsucht tour, and they became the guitars you see on the Mutter and Reise, Reise tours. I am going to make another one like this, so I have the pearl and the mirror pickguard, and I'm sure I'll end up buying another KH in the future and keeping it stock, because why not? He also played an M-II with a pickguard. I'll probably do that, too.

    • Pushead

      I thought you had other RZK models.

    • Andrew. L

      Good way to ruin a kh2

    • Big Daddy B

      Nice project. I kinda dig the clipped headstock. You may end up needing to route the body for the switch when you ad the pickguard, because it may not be tall enough. Hopefully not the case, just a heads up.

      • RZK

        Also, the holes for the pots don't line up. I've done it before on an LTD, and the same problem exists here. I just drill new holes and use long shaft pots. The switch is tall enough, fortunately.

      • Big Daddy B

        OK I wanted to make mention because I just ordered a rear routed with a pickguard and ESP told me they would have to route for the switch for that reason, but sounds like you have taken your measurements.

      • RZK

        I appreciate the heads up. I am guilty of jumping into a project without proper planning! I've put a pickguard on a KH-202 which I routed out the front for the controls. I did it on a KH-602, and I just redrilled the holes and used long shaft pots. That's the plan for this one. I just have to decide what I want first, mirror or pearl. I ordered both, so when I get another KH-2, I'll have it ready.