Recorded a music video!

Recorded a music video!

Joined a new band and re-recorded one of their old tunes and a video for it. What a bizarre experience!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

For anyone interested, I used my ESP Hanneman S&Key Urban Camo (EMG 81/81) into both my ENGL E670 SE EL34 and Mesa Mark V heads. Mesa Recto 4x12 this time.


Orland P.

Here is my opinion: I enjoyed music very much, I love lyrics and melody. Well done, where can I find old version of this song?

Anastasiya K.

Spotify помогает начинающим музыкантам продвигать ваши треки. Многие тарифы помогут даже скромному бюджету. Вы также можете получить подписчиков на платформе бесплатно.

Wihay O.

Sounds great :-)

Stan G.

 - Check it out and let me know what you think!

Great! I looked and appreciated. I like your approach to music. Everything is very energetic. However, I am very annoyed by the too fast change of frames. It would have looked better if there was a little more time for each performer. I'm the same guy who is in the process of choosing a tattoo. There are many different sketches in the catalog for Tattoo Ideas For Men - But these photos don't always look identical on the average guy. Do you understand what I mean? I tried to take a closer look at the tattoo on the drummer’s hand (there is a rather large drawing there). And I couldn't do it because the frame of the clip was constantly moving.


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