Been gone a long time/NGD

Been gone a long time/NGD

Its been quite some time since I have posted on here. Not sure if anyone remembers DT1985 from the old forum anyway ha ha. Im a dad now to a beautiful 18 month old daughter, am engaged, have a new job and a brand new house. Oh, and a new guitar! I picked this up on Friday. Epiphone limited edition 1958 Korina explorer. I traded off my LTD Michael Amott Ninja 600 for this.


EDIT: I guess I cant post photos yet. No friends. 

Sharlyn W.

Wow cool dad   when I was in childhood my dad always play guitar for me when I cry he always help me all type of works like  assignment writing help - assingment moz and playing games cooking I feel so proud that my dad is so cool. I'm missing you dad :( 

The G.

Love my 58, but not the imbalance when standing. Got Dragonfire Gold Screamers, Sperzel knock off tuners(iirc, from the same place as the Screamers), Tusq nut, Bell knobs, and a Gibson fine tune tail piece.



I found the same thing with the guitar being neck heavy. All I did was use a wide Levy's suede strap, and the guitar stays put really well. 


Here is a vid a did with it a while ago. 


Alaina O.

So amazing


Adam, your English is terrible.


Adam is a spam. Adam should be banned.

Victor k.

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Mesa Sean

Folks....when uploading images.... do NOT select default. Choose "LARGE" or "X-Large". 

Half of the images posted on this forum are tiny and you can barely see them.



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