Hai guiz! 'Member me???

Hai guiz! 'Member me???

Whussup party people. It's been quite a while since I've posted here, some of you more tenured members may remember me but I'm sure there's plenty of you guys going "who the fucks this guy?"


I'm just a 25 year old from Ohio who loves music and ESP's


For those that do remember me, I hope everyone has been well. I'm sure I've missed out on some big stuff in the last few years.


Uh, well, here's the lastest recording I've done. A buddy of mine is a growing rapper in the area so I had him do some verses on this, we wrote it together. It was written about all the shootings and hostile vehavior lately.


For all you studio buffs, let me know what you think about the mix. I've been trying to tighten it up a bit.


Etrenal - Protest


boogie probably became a born again christian. I think we broke him


Lrj, gvk and ozz84 made boogie into a man.


don't poiddance this thread



Member when he made that post about the custom shop screwing up USA orders as pay back for the.....bomb, and luna said no, it's because stoopid americans can't fill out the forms correctly. Member?


People at work asked me why I was crying.


remember when boogie told gvk that he knew where he lived?


12 hours.


Remember when boogie took cold medicine and went on a rant about not being able to find a job.


Let's get the band back together. Shit was hilarious. If I was having a bad day I could log on and smile. 




i'm kip winger bitch


What ever happened to Leftfield?

ESP 348

Lol, Leftfield was good!

Looks like they are still playing together in his Metallica ONE Tribute band.

They just played a 4hr set list 3 days ago. Lol, wow!

Check em out here on Facebook.-



Yeah, he's cool.  Put me on the list when he rolled thru,  but I couldn't make it .


Wow, this place is a ghost town compared to the old days.


BTW, hi.



I remember you Chris - I had loads of Supra pics in the 'Post Your Ride' thread!


OH SHIT!!! Wussup James!!!


Just a year late reply lol

ESPchris91 wrote:

OH SHIT!!! Wussup James!!!


Just a year late reply lol

I’m not much better here with a 4 month delay 

All good here man! Hope things are good with you!


I still talk to GVK, Drew, Chris and Jason to this day. I see Jet and his boy on Instagram


Dumped my FB so I lost sight of Boog, although I do have fond memories of hanging with him at Old Chigago in Wichita.


This place has done to the wall since our good old days. Ive been over on SS.org a lot. Im still on Twitter.

Came over here tonight, and theres a thread with a question i asked 9 bloody years ago. 9 BLOODY YEARS AGO!!!

Lots of things have happened since i posted properly in anger here. Lots of personal things, but Im in a better place than i was many, many years ago!!!

Musically Im listening to a massive amount of Country these days, probably 50/50 with rock and metal. Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Stone Sour to Carrie Underwood, Maren Morris and Brothers Osbourne pretty much covers it. I now go to more shows than i ever do, Ill put it this way, i saw Taylor Swift and Lamb of God in the same year, and Dream Theatre and LeAnn Rimes in the same place at different times last year.

As for guitars, i no longer have a ESP/LTD, have pretty much converted over to PRS and Fender these days, also have my Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded. As for pedals, Im almost complete for this, with 15 pedals with a RJM Mastermind PBC MIDI switcher. Got a Mesa Mark V and Peavey 6505 MH cheese days. Im almost complete on my tone journey, if you follow me on Twitter you'll know this.

I still see Chloe, WyldWeasil and a few of the old crew on Twitter.

Im sure Boogie is now part of Westboro cheese days, or at least part of his own cult with 147 brides or something like that.


Long time no speak dude! Good to hear from you 

John E.

hiii i am new here

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