Why Does ESP Give Seymour Duncan 7 String Pickups No Love?

Why Does ESP Give Seymour Duncan 7 String Pickups No Love?

I am on a hunt for a new 7 string, and mostly every way i look its EMGs, there is only two or three guitars that i can buy that can be modded to passives without that hideous battery box or that are passive to start with.

Would it be out the question to see the EC 7 strings, or have a EC-407p (Passive) option with a set of Nazgul/Sentenent with a pickup ring to make it look like a traditional EC?

The only 5 options im left with is a PRS SE 7 String (Would match with me being more a PRS player theese days), a Epiphone Les Paul 7 String used, with massive modifications to hardware and electronics, a Epiphone Trivium 7 string (Hate those soapbars), a Ibanez SIR 7 string or the last way is a Chapman ML-7T. I do not like Schecter necks, hence why i am not looking at that road.

Id just like a EC with passive pickups. Thats all, barring a second Gibson Les Paul that i need in my collection, i have 2 PRS my PRS SE Mushok Baritone, my EC-1000VHB, my Gibson Les Paul.

I know loads of folk love their EMGs, all i want is a good from the get go passive 7 string that isnt too expensive.


I can't understand that active love neither, everywhere I look it's actives. Not that I hate them or something. I just prefer passives. I'm looking for one too, but I may just buy an active and replace the whole electronic stuff. 

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