Other forums?


This place is a graveyard, where do you guys frequent now? I've started lurking SS.org and just wondering if there's some other good ones. Cheers!

Roger D.

Same here, not much going on in this forum!


I go on SS.org a little bit. That forum is heavy on the teenagers though...I'm thinking of just finding some forum about something I'm not even that interested in just to talk to people my age.


don't they have bars in reeeeno?


go to the misc section on bodybuilding.com


Yeah, but then you have to spend money and make eye contact. 


Im more on SS.org and occasionally on the PRS forum now as im more a PRS guy theese days. Especially since i got my beautiful PRS Tremonti and have just ordered my second PRS tonight.

If my eBay sales go to plan this year I may be looking at a ESP Edwards 7 string, if not im going to a PRS SE Custom 7 string or a Ibanez S Iron Label 7 string.

Still got my EC-1000VHB and my Mesa F30, but my rig has changed out of all reconition since i posted here last.

ESPimperium wrote:

but my rig has changed out of all reconition since i posted here last.


Thankfully your avatar has not!

Ishtiaq S.

The vintage honeyburst EC 1000? Can you post some pics n stuff? That axe is sweeeeet!


I would if i could, i think im under the threshold for being allowed to post pics of it.

TBH, i need to take new pics of all my guitars, whitch the list is now:

PRS Tremonti, Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded, PRS SE Mushok Baritone, PRS SE Tremonti (Will be sold eventually), ESP LTD EC-1000VHB, Fender Hoghway 1 Strat (Will be broken up and sold), Spector Q4 Pro & Washburn EA18

I need to sell two guitars to be able to finance a 7 string and sell a few other items to get my MIDI rid fully running. I am awaiting a second PRS, but will reveal it when i get it.

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2014 was one of the craziest for news, entertainment and internet nonsense and the forum's activity was like 2 posts per day. Now the most activity in this ghost town is from cringey noobs talking about guitars. There's no hope here.


I frequent the Reaper forums now for the music/collab section and for Q&A about recording.  I've pretty much lost interest in actually talking about guitars/amps & shit anymore since I'm not really buying/looking for anything new in that department (until I can afford an AxeFX).  I've yet to stumble into another forum that matches the vibe of what this place used to be though...I've had to start venturing out and finding real people to try and talk to and have shenanigans with...*shudder*


The Misc, but not so much anymore. What was the name of that off shoot ESP forum made? back in the 2000's? that still around?

All i remeber is the password to get in was Grimace lol


The CFE is dead...

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