• Jeff H.

    NGD? Frankentele.

    Welp, for those that are still lurking around this dead zone. This guitar sort of fell into my lap, the body was given to me by a fan/friend and I pieced together the rest over the past month and a half or so.

    Seems a fly made it's way into that photo above.. And, a flank shot in the rare event gfunk still comes around.

    Basic Specs:
    -Maverick Guitars alder double-bound body in Daphne blue
    -Fender MIM vintage 21-fret maple neck w/ Fender deluxe locking tuners
    - Lace Red Sensor (b) and Lace Tele (n)
    - The hardware already came on the body so I don't really know much about it. I may change the pots in the near future. It also originally came with a white single-ply pickgaurd which I thought was tacky and too clean, so I ordered a cream 3-ply from Warmoth for a different vibe.

    Overall, it sounds fantastic. The Lace Red Sensor is very twangy when playing clean but it's their hottest single coil and switching over to distortion, it is plenty thick and heavy sounding. My only problems so far are with the neck, the pre-slotted nut is wonky and the strings sit too far to one edge (High E is too close to the edge of the board, and the low E, a little too far) It's not drastic and unplayable but it's noticeable. But, I've heard that before when it comes to MIM Fender's in general, and I would like to put a nicer nut on in the future anyways. I'm also considering a shim as the neck sits a little low in the pocket and although the action over the fretboard is fine, the bridge saddles are too low causing the bridge to get in the way of my hand. Kind of annoying. Despite those issues with the neck, it is a beautiful slab of maple with a nice little amber tint.

    Really impressed how well this thing came together on a whim, though. Makes me want to do another in surf green.

    • Pushead

      That's pretty.  I like the double binding, I think it really sets the entire look off.

    • Jeff H.

      Thanks! I agree. I'm all about the bright, vintage fenders colors paired with the bound bodies. Hence why I need a surf green one, as well! Haha. But you can't get that from Fender without paying for a custom shop and I just don't think even the nicest fender's are worth much more than 2 grand. Its a complex I have with bolt-on's haha.

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