Are you in a band?

Are you in a band?

Hey everyone! I thought it would be cool to start a thread of musicians promoting their bands. 


My band is Brought By Giants. We're post-hardcore/metalcore from southern Indiana. Our biggest influences are Memphis May Fire, Fit For A King, and InDirections. Our debut EP came out in May and we're nearly finished writing our next record.


What bands are you guys in? I'm personally a huge fan of metalcore and progressive metal, but I like essentially everything.




i'm in a band called "find new influences"


we're gonna blow it up


keep tryin bro




Im in a band called Suffer Remain from Malaysia.

We play Brutal Death Metal.




Cheerz !


i just lit my house on fire after watchin that


We play a blackened thrash kind of music. 

I checked out and liked up the above pages, we should continue this trend and "grow back" board support.  This thread was a good idea.  Also post links or whether you have clips or tracks up.  I'd love to hear Suffer Remain.

The G.

I was in a band with an Italian drummer..........

scott s.

I'm in a cover band called Heist, we are from central Pennsylvania.  We do a wide range of stuff from country, pop, to hard rock.  

Michael "Shredder" Thomas

I'm in a posthardcore/metalcore band also! We are called Weary of Sorrows! We have alot of different influences but our main ones are Avenged Sevenfold, Falling in Reverse, Escape the Fate, and FFDP. We are currently in the process of writing our first album!

We are undesided if our band name fits well or if its a good name so please click the thumbs up if you like it or thumbs down if you think we should change it to something else.


I'm in a hard rock/metal band called Into Shadow from Central NY. You can check out our first video here. 


Into Shadow - Wander


Someone sounds jelly.


someone speaks the truth which sometimes hurts


We used to always have board support for bands our members were in and I think this thread is a good idea for growing a community based support for bands on the forum.  However because of shit attitudes like this, there's no one left on the board.


Good to see the whole band scene is still alive and kickin! I too play in some bands(metal, Rock 'roll, prog) 

Pop question: how does song writing work for you guys? as a  band, or someone writes for everybody? Got any song writing/process/recording tips? please sahre share share!

reynaldo j.

i think it is more cool if the band write song or songs together or as a band itself..


I like to stockpile dozens of riffs and I write more by kind of, structuring temporary songs from them.  Usually from there I sit down with my drummer and we discuss/hammer out the best of the best.  What should go where to make the best song we can.  It's a system that's been working out pretty well and I think it helps keep a higher quality to the songwriting process.


I'm in a band.  We suck. And we smell funny.

Fran M.

I'm in a band called En Memoriam from the Philippines.

Here's our facebook page


Last Action Heroes from the Philippines!

The G.

First time,  second time,  third is a charm......tee hee


currently in a Iron Maiden Tribute band,been fun as hell

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