• Kride

    New organ for the lawsuitsplorer

    Thought I'd make another thread of this guitar since things are slow around here...

    Soo, new trem for the EXP-300. A Gotoh GE1996T unit. The stock trem wasn't all awful but the Gotoh is made of way more resonant metals resulting in more clarity, attack and sustain for example. All the parts fit together very tight, even better than on a few OFR trems I've had. Big ass quality.

    The drop in was quite easy although I'm using OFR posts because didn't want to drill bigger holes to the body. Also, I had to change the lock screws to shorter OFR ones because after I had the intonation setup done, the screws didn't fit the recess which meant ending up with zero range for pullups. All is good now tho. Some people have routed the recess bigger but this seemed 'a little' more easy fix to me...







    Old trem vs the Gotoh





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