• ChainOfThought


    New Drum VSTi Day.


    Superior Drummer + Expansions went on sale for 50% off last month so I sprung for it.  I've had my eye on it for a while--generally every time Slate starts to piss me off I start looking at SD2.0 videos--and with the sale I just couldn't pass it up.  So I bought it with the Metal Foundry expansion.

    So far it seems pretty damn awesome.  I haven't had a great chance yet to sit down and really dig in to it, but I've already set it up to replace all the cymbals in my current project and I think they sound a lot more real than the slate samples do.  I'm not yet impressed with the kicks or snares and not overly fascinated with the toms, but I think a LOT of that is tied to not knowing how to EQ/Mix the more 'dry' samples that SD offers VS the ready-to-go samples that Slate has.  That and I had just about gotten to a point where I really have the kick/snare/toms that I want out of Slate.  Remains to be seen whether I'll eventually move everything over to SD, but for now its just cymbals and a little bit of kick/snare reinforcement.


    I'll post some comparison clips after I spend some more time with them...SD by itself, Slate by itself and then mixing the two.


    If anyone uses SD and has presets they'd like to share...that'd be pretty sweet.