• donting

    NWOGD (new wall of guitars day)

    First of all, special thanks to Dave for unlocking the points thing for posting pics.



    Not quite a wall as such but actually spread over several walls (luckily the wife is a guitar fan too or this would be a no-go!). Bought a new apartment in London, about half way through furnishing but will probably accept another contract abroad and it'll all have to go in storage! still have another few that i havent put up yet which i'll post another day






















    first wall left:

    Ibanez JEM777SK (1987)

    Ibanez JEM777DY (1990)

    Ibanez UV777GR (1991)


    first wall right:

    ESP customshop tele (2010)

    ESP gobstopper (1994?)


    left of sofa:

    ESP customshop EXP pre lawsuit (1993?)


    right of sofa:

    Jackson USA Sam Dimas (1984)

    Suhr modern carve top (2009)


    right of TV:

    Feline custom (2002)


    hall next to the toilet..

    Gibson L12-p (1948)





    close up of the Diezel for the fags








    The big 3







    family photo, excl the gibson L12 (purchased after this family shot taken in my parents house)






    • exhibit-sbt

      My eyes!  That's a great collection dude.  Nice decor.

    • 43

      Do you ever worry about coming home drunk and knocking them off the wall down the hallway?  haha

      What is the story of the white and pink ESP's on the couch?  The have the Dean Bel Aire shape except it is upside down.
      Those come with a Kahler styled trem, dual bucks, vol tone knobs, and a 3 way mini toggle.
      Well more specific the Hollywood version has all the.  The Bel Aire is S-S-H config with a strat trem and same knob/switch setup.

      nice collection

    • donting

      I tend to not get drunk that much anymore (falling over and puking up etc) I've grown out of shooters and all that shit, my friends now back at home have all got married and got kids so it's the same story. so I don't get into that state anymore, something switched in my body and told me one day 'nope'. If i drink 6 pints and a couple of whiskeys I'll be merry but I can't see myself drinking more than that unless I'm already at home with a guitar playing buddy


      lots of drinking done at home now, keeps the wife happy. I'll post pics of the new whiskey cabinet in due course


      regarding the 2 esp's, there is no story unfortunately. They are 80s or 90s models that I thought looked cool. I know nothing about them. The white one is stock and the pink one I've had blocked out and new electronics put in for versatility, and an X2N. Both are available for sale actually, in a couple of weeks time 

    • Pushead

      You went through all the trouble to hang them up just to take them off the wall to take a picture.  lol

      Everything looks great, Mr. Ting!  Fantastic collection. The green on the explorer looks awesome.

    • donting

      Thanks mr pus!!

      Hahah. Well sir the original plan was we were going to settle in the UK. But after quite a laborious project I decided that it was time for 1 last adventure, and then we'd come back after a few months (sister babysitting the apartment for me). But I got an offer of sorts for hen I return, which is in asia again. And I don't know if I can refuse the money and the fun of it. It's a country that allows gambling (casinos) and they have poker rooms everywhere, cheap too. 


      We'll see in a few months time. 

      Thanks again

    • metalhobo

      only bolt-on is real

    • 43

      Thanks for the info on those guitars,  I am not interested in buying, good luck selling them.  They look like an explorer with the body upside down to me.


    • Kride

      Damn nice collection man!

    • Skoggy

      Very nice collection! ...is it wrong of me to want to lick the tolex on your Diezel? That's such a nice pink! 

    • donting

      Thanks bro's!!!! I appreciate your comments 

    • Gfunk

      Cool crap, congas!


      Place looks real nice too.  Where in London? 


      How are you diggin the Tele, sound / feel?  That was that chick's Tele, correct?

    • donting

      Thanks Gman. The place is in Fulham, sort of west london.


      the tele is a customshop and used to belong to Lexi. I'll be honest it is absolutely amazing. The neck is not As 'fast' as id like, like a modern 24fretter. But it is comfortable and not too fender-ish. It's closer to modern than it is to vintage. It sounds lush as well, although I don't believe it's showing it's full potential with the humbucker in the neck. Just hadn't had time to change it to a lipstick yet, got to be done. It does coil tap but as you know, it's not the same thing. The neck is still spanky with all the tele bite one would expect. It's pretty weighty as well, but well balanced. The fretboard has that lovely fender customshop esq figuring to it and is oiled so it looks quite "posh" in person 


      its minty with case candy and was a bargain at $1200 (£750)

    • Pushead

      A thing to consider when you put in the neck single coil, my tele came wired with a 4 position switch which has an included "in series" positon, which is both a great sound and pretty useful (in the way I use my tele anyway.)

    • Gfunk

      Shaddap Pusyhead.  Go suck a Bron.


      What about the Gahler?

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