• Ozzfun

    To: Road King

    What chance does the ESP forum have when the good people do nothing?

    • guitargirlemg81

      Chances are batman quotes are offensive enough here just like my sexy gif apparently was.

    • jt76

      be quite or you might get deleted

    • Powerslave

      Be quite what?

    • jt76
      jt76 wrote:

      be quite or you might get deleted


      supposed to say


      Be Quiet or you might get deleted 

    • Dave R.

      Believe me, you have to do much more than 'not be quiet' to be removed. We've gone through this before, and people swing wide in their reaction and cry foul. Anyone who has been monitoring this forum the past few months (let alone the past 10 years) can surely see what could possibly lead to suspension. It's not about speaking your mind or having an opinion, it's never been that. All of that is welcome. It's simply about being tactful, 'somewhat' respectful and not extreme in your m/o. I think that covers just about everyone here...

      • ♥messiah♥

        Could you see how I would be confused though?  I didn't do anything more than what I've been doing for 10+ years so its a little jarring to get banned for it now.  I also don't really see what rules I broke or how I could even break them since they weren't in place.  Was there some rule that said "don't edit your posts to make the front page spell out fix the forum"?  I feel like I got banned because I kept asking what was being done to fix the forum and just generally annoying you.  I totally understand getting banned for that but don't pretend like you were receiving 100's of complaints about me.

        Can you also see how the respect thing goes both ways?  I was plenty respectful at the start.  I defended the switch, even after you banned me and JeffM left passive agressive comments on my profile.  I think I first started being more "edgy" after your bullshit response when I asked not to be sent notifications (even though I had already opted out).  I had very little space in my inbox, you didn't have to be a dick about it.  You can't complain about tact when you acted like a dick because I pointed out (quite pleasently btw) a bug in your software.  Everytime a problem is brought up you and JeffK are "lulz, sure does suck" and "omess mad".  Its not my job to be tactful, I'm not the fucking PR wing of a multinational million dollar company.

        About my "bitching".  Its hilarious that JeffK thanked me for my input when I was using a different name.  I didn't say anything I wouldn't have normally said but he was totally cool with it.  Whenever I make a suggest or complaint I'm met with glib comments or I'm told I'm just stirring up trouble.  Go back and read my posts (though I guess you can't now...) and pretend someone else said them.  I really doubt you'd be nearly as upset.

        You haven't deleted this account so can I assume I am cool?  Can you please unban my IP, its annoying to have to connect to fucking Mali everytime I want to post!

        Its late and this is a bit all over the place.  I guess the basic gist is you and the Jeffs were just as bad, or considering the circumstances, even worse than I was so stop pretending to be a victim.  If we went by your new rules both you would be banned.

    • Ozzfun

      No, no, no. A troll is just a man lost in the scramble for his own gratification. He can be suspended, or IP banned. But if you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, and if they can't stop you, then you become something else entirely. 

    • Pushead

      Masking your IP is not for you. It's to protect the people you care about.

    • donting

      Ok this is starting to get ridicule 

    • donting

      But does ZAO still beat his wife?