• n3wk1donetehb1oCk

    Hi guys I'm new to ESP!!

    Hi everyone I'm a new to the community so I wanted to say hello! This is not created by ESP staff to make the rules look like they are effectively bringing new people to the forum, or anything like that! I am your friend!

    I'd post my band's fb 4 you guys to check it out. But I can't post links in this forum. LOL! Oh wellz.

    • The G.

      C'mon, you really registered to win a LTD.  The guilt of this knowledge pushed you to create this introduction. Good job, you trickled through a pile of registered members that have yet to post.(even some "artists" in there) Now, go take on the day. Hell, just copy and paste your band link noting to copy'n'paste in the browser.