• vipprimo

    What is your level of dedication?

    Originally when I came onto the forums I thought, it's just going to be bands here.  People who want to start a career and talk all sorts of shop so to speak.  I am beginning to see most of the people I've talked with are enthusiasts; they just love the instrument itself and loved playing and never intended it to be more than a hobby.  

    I was wondering what your impression is on your guitar is?  Do you do it as a hobby, do you plan to have a band or do you already have one?  You don't have to get into specifics, but I thought it would be cool to hear what everyone's dedication to the art was.

    Myself, I started playing a while ago and I really was along for the ride so to speak.  Guitar was more of a way to make the music I was already singing come to life through an instrument that I could control.  I was tired of singing other people's work or adding lyrics to someone else's music.  I wanted to have my own control.  Although I've played other instruments the guitar has stood out as my favorite and although originally it was to pay the bills it became more of a passion.  

    • Allen Harris

      So that I wouldn't find it neccessary to come in and change everything to my suiting I did some research before joining this community so I knew most people weren't in bands.  I'd say lately guitar has taken a back seat to my unhealthy GTA obsession.  I just love being able to drive around in cars I would never dream of being able to afford in real life.  It helps me forget my thinning hair line and expanding stomach.  I'd do the same with guitars but I can only afford cheap EXs and BC Rich's.

    • Ozzfun

      What is your level of dedication to stalking omess?

    • donting

      vipprimo, you do not make money from playing guitar to pay bills and so forth. 

    • Bryan

      Are we really answering this question or did this already go off the rails?

    • jt76

      I used to be a giging musician, metal, then punk, then greatful dead type hippy stuff, then bluegrass and country.  Years ago ( just out of colledge I got offered a real music job as a guitarist and back up vocalist with a professional country band that had a recording contract in Nashville.  I was supposed to tour across the US and help record a second album. I can't even remember the star vocalists name now.  Don't know if they made it big or not. I Passed that up and got a job as an Industrial engineer instead. I made some money and bought some bad ass equipment. Now I jam out with my friends and play what ever kind of music I feel like.  Not sure I made the right choice, but its to late to go back now.  Have not giged in years.  May get back to it If I find the right people to play with.  If not,  I have a lot of fun just playing for the fun of it.         

    • Gfunk

      I graduated high school and then got a bachelor's at UMBC.