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    "unacceptable behavior"

    aront no what to say

    • singlecoilpickup

      I do think it's interesting that a forum for a guitar company that focuses on metal bands is so suddenly concerned with rules and censorship. That's more or less the antithesis of the genre this company purports to serve. Of course, it's their forum and they can do what they want, but now it's my right to buy guitars from another company. I've bought six ESP and/or LTD guitars over the last ten years, only one of them purchased used. I can guarantee that with the tone ESP has chosen to take with its most fervent members, I will never buy a seventh.

      I think ESP needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror and decide if they really think that pure, unadulterated Metallica fanboyism is really going to sustain their business no matter how much they dilute the brand nor how questionably they treat their fan base. 

    • Ozzfun

      How come many threads have fewer posts than they say they do? Were those posts deleted due to unacceptable behavior? 

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      all these people registered and none post...are they afraid of the bullying?


      what exactly is going on here?......oh, nothing