• Fordman65

    How long before ESP files for bankruptcy?

    Very rarely I come to check out what the ESP board is up to. Mostly now, I just see just Omess ranting about how this board is shit. For probly the first time ever, I agree with him. There is zero guitar talk. Even the Met fanboi's have abandoned ship. I now frequent other gear forums and honestly, there is very minimal, almost non-existant ESP talk. There is plenty of Suhr, Anderson, Gibson and PRS talk; but no ESP. Searching ebay all that is listed is over-priced dealers that never sell shit. It's the same guitar re-listed time and time again. Maybe non-US sales are strong, I have no clue. US sales, at least from an online perspective seem to be shit. Those of you in Euro, Australia etc what's it like by you? With all the brand changes I haven't a clue what's a good ESP and what's not. EII, LTD Elite, Standard Series, ESP USA. WTF? 

    It seems to me this place, at least in a small way, is indicitive of the brand itself.....going down the shitter.  

    • Ozzfun

      Back in the good old days (2003) ESP guitars and the forum itself were riding high on the hog because of availability and affordability. The guitars were of high quality and they were very reasonably priced. The forum was accessible and its loose attitude kept people coming back. And while we were on there chatting it up we were also buying guitars one after the other. Now the brand is so complicated I don't eve know what each line means. Also, for what they're asking I'd rather buy a guitar with better resale value.

    • exhibit-sbt

      ESP was a company that built it's name synominous with metal..  Metal's definitely not as popular as the 00's.. or 90's..or 80's.. and even metalheads today are more about using 70's style guitars and Oranges..  I think ESP has just been struggling to find their next foot hold.  I mean, they had to cancel out all the V shapes out of their lineup save for the LTDs. 

    • metalhobo

      ESP needs to build me this heavy metal monster: RS body in gloss black, single humbucker, Floyd, natural finish maple neck with white-bound ebony fretboard, black pointy headstock with matching white binding, pearl diamond inlays, and a hole in the body from the back to the front so the ESP reps can give me a reach-around over my guitar while I'm getting fucked in the ass by this shit-cunt forum.

    • guitargirlemg81

      From ESP's latest catalogs the LTD eclipses are the only good looking guitars they have (along with a few fanbois gonna fanboi models) , they even look better than the real ESPs. I'm digging the newer schecters. Even the cheapos look slick, they're like metul geetrs but still classy lookingñ.

    • slab

      no clue in the closet


      seriously, not a fucking clue as to what to offer or how to market it....





    • metalhobo

      Remember when you could get a custom shop Horizon for a gumball and a quarter?

    • slab

      shut yur whore mouth about gumballs

    • barryswanson

      I agree with everything that has been said and I miss people giving James Leftfield shit. Ahhh the good old days...

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