• Jeff H.

    NGD and such.

    Snagged an LTD Ron Wood tele, it's nice and I like it alot. Easily on par with a MIM Fender, if not a bit more souped up in the finish department. Great guitar so far.

    And, the FT Eclipse is all fixed up and ready to party, not sure how I feel about the Lace Nitro Hemi's yet, definitely not as cool as the Dirty Heshers.. Gonna give them a run on a tour and see how I feel;

    • Gfunk

      I did not know they made LTD Ron Woods.  Cool geetah, congas.  Does it sound like a Tele?


      Impression so far of the FT, other than the pups?  Have fun!

      • Jeff H.

        Yeah, it's a new model for this year. I had always wanted one but didn't really wanna go through the trouble of getting the ESP version not knowing if I would even like it. But I am loving this one. It is very tele, albeit a little dark sounding which I like. Lends itself to being able to play heavier stuff with it. Very cool vibe about it.


        And the FT is great, plays great and definitely just sounds like an LP and not like an Eclipse really. But yeah, I will probably end up changing the pickups if they don't grow on me. They're weird. Palm muting sounds extremely thick and chunky but then hitting single notes in the lower registers are a bit lacking in definition and low end.

      • Pushead

        I know they say to use the 250ohm pots, but try some 500s and see if that opens it up a bit.

    • Bryan

      Nice top on the RW!