• metalhobo

    My Charvel's getting somethings new

    As much as I like the H3 it's just not the sound I'm looking for in this guitar. It's just not crunchy enough, I've found after many years. So in with the 81... well, at least in a few weeks once I get my damn pots. I'll keep the H3 and the SA2 in the old pickguard so that if in the future I don't need the crunch anymore I can switch back to the smooth melodies of passivity.


    • guitargirlemg81

      B...but...that'd be too many emgs!

      TBH I'd put 81's in all.

    • slab

      smooth move....i get it


      me personally, have a grounding problem at the crib....everything was quiet, now i got billy graahm coming thru my 1960a


      sun spots is what my bro told me


    • metalhobo

      well the sun is my fav planet so there's no telling what mischief it's up to.

      Yeah, I like the 81! Sue me! It cuts like a hot butter and crunches like taco bell.

      I also got a lithium 9 V battery for this so I have to take the pickguard off as little as possible. An alkaline is supposed to last 1500 hours for a single 81, but that's not counting the degradation due to finite shelf life. Even if you don't play the guitar the battery will die in less than five years and will probably leak all over the place. The lithium has a shelf life of 10 years, doesn't leak, and has higher energy density to boot.

    • slab

      the sun is not a plant, sir

    • metalhobo

      So my pots actually came to-day. Got to spend the evening installing this hombre. Crunch city! Del taco!

      It should have taken me an hour to install everything but it ended up taking around three because the stupid football jack route is NOT big enough for a stereo switchcraft jack. After I had finally positioned the jack in the plate just right so I could actually screw in the plate to the body, I found that the ring contact was shorting out to the tip thus grounding the signal. Ughhhh... I ended up using a screwdriver to gouge out some of the wood inside the jack route. Whatever, it works now and you can't see it. Rad!

      First thoughts: I was hoping the 81 would buy me a little more crunch in this guitar than it does, but this is the best it's gonna get. The reason it can't be as crunchy as my M1 is because of the Floyd. The Floyd puts the saddle point too far back in relation to the pickups, which reduces the midrange response. If you measure the distance from the saddle point to the bridge pickup on the Charvel and on the M1, the Charvel's distance is a good bit longer. But there's nothing I can do about it, so all that's left is to just play.

    • slab

      well that's awesome and all,....but


      i went to lowe's and bought a grounding rod, wire and a clamp


      wha-la....noise is gone


      just a psa for those dealing with noise issues, but be careful-the panel is hi-V and deals deathe to noobs


      carry on with hobo's emg sillyness

    • metalhobo

      Look at this sexy whore


    • The G.

      I don't think I have a pic, but when my Lotus had the 81/85s, there was the clearance issue with the stereo jack. I just flipped the plate over, though it looked odd, worked great.