• ChainOfThought

    New Song Day

    Because fuck it.  I don't think I've actually posted this one here yet.  Wasn't going to post any more material until we had a full 10-12 song album to put up, but I'm imagining that this place will be dead and I'll have stopped lurking by the time that happens.


    So one last huzzah eh?  Guitars are PodHD (treadplate on the left, Line6 Epic on the right) guitar is just a DI track with EQ & compression.  Drums are Steven Slate 3.5ex.  The 3rd guitar in the intro & outro are temporary, just feeling out some ideas for texture there.  And I'm still working on the guitar tones, luckily I finally have my re-amping set up all put together, so its just a matter of tweaking the patch & hitting a few different buttons in Reaper and then record...fucking beautiful thing, technology is.  The track is still, as yet, nameless :(

    Edit: And my drummer hasn't touched the drums yet, so this one is 100% me (for better or, more likely, worse)  Hopefully he'll get his new computer set up before too long and find some time for it.  I think I'm getting better at the drums though....at least there aren't too many over-used loops throughout the track. 


    • vipprimo

      I thought you said you weren't good at drums!  That was apocalyptic!  

      Love the tone.  The changes were great.  It just growls.  Great job!  

    • ChainOfThought

      Thanks man.  Keeping in mind they're programmed (pretty sure its still obvious from the sound, I haven't humanized them at all).  But yeah...I don't have a particularly great feel for writing drums.  If my drummer ever gets around to tweaking them I'll repost and show you what I mean... Every time I lay down the drums for a track to get the song written, I think it sounds pretty cool.  Then he gets ahold of it and re-writes the drums and I realize mine sounded like dick cheese.

    • ChainOfThought

      I have, but not with this material.  Had a band in highschool and we played around town a good amount, then years later after I got out of the Corps I filled in on bass in my drummers other band to get them through a couple shows.  Right now though I'm working in the Middle East, so this is a project between me & my drummer via the internet.

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