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    Reamping setup, should it work?

    I'm looking to upgrade my interface soon. I've been using a Roland UA-25 since 2007 or so and its time for a change (because it no longer fulfills all my needs and desires).

    The big thing I want to be able to do that I can't (easily) do is to re-amp dry guitar tracks through my PodHD Pro. Unfortunately the Pod doesn't allow reamping through USB, so it has to be done with analog connections.

    Here's the interface I'm looking at: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-a...saffire-pro-24
    The Focusrite Saffire Pro 24. Its the only one in my price range that I can find that has all the ins/outs that I need AND has the ability to route them the way I need to.

    Here's what I envision:

    Pod Wet Out -> Saffire Ch1
    Pod Dry Out -> Saffire Ch2
    Saffire Out 1 & 2 -> Monitors
    Saffire Out 3 -> Pod Aux In OR Line In (the Aux in is a duplicate guitar input jack, not sure if I would need to use a line-level input instead)
    Saffire <-Firewire-> Mac/Reaper

    Reaper 1/2 -> Monitors
    Saffire Ch1 -> Monitors (Direct monitoring of Wet guitar, never his the DAW)
    Saffire Ch2 -> Reaper (Prevent this channel from going through to the monitors while recording)

    Reaper 1/2 -> Monitors
    Reaper 3/4 -> Saffire Out 3 (This sends the dry recorded guitar signal back through the Pod)
    Saffire Ch1 -> Reaper (Enable live monitoring in Reaper so that it gets sent on 1/2 with the rest of the mix)

    I THINK that with this method I'll be able to easily re-amp my guitar recordings 'live & in the mix' which will make tweaking patches on the Pod a HELL of a lot easier. Does anyone see any holes in my logic? Know limitations of the hardware/included software that will prevent this from happening? I've looked at it about as much as I can and it seems like it'll work as I intend.

    Your thoughts?