• ProfessorExp

    NGD - Pretty Good Deal On A Snakebyte

    Finally got around to picking up a Snakebyte. I resisted the new design for a long time but I've finally come around. It plays awesome and I really do like it... in black anyway. I still think they look weird in white for some reason, but the black is slick as hell. Anyway, the reason Im making a big production out of it is to let you know about the deal. I got it as a "blemish" from Zzounds for $799 with case (no tax & free shipping). I have looked this thing over very closely and there is NO blemish whatsoever. It must've just been a return. Its not a B-stock, and came with the full factory warranty. Exactly the same as buying new, but $300 cheaper. Plus, I ordered it Sunday and it was delivered (to NY) Tuesday! Cant beat that. 

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