• jt76

    NGD - sunburst horizon from group shot

    Mid to Late 90's Horizon - Honey sunburst finish, quarter sawn ash.

    This has already shown up in my group shot,  got a few minutes to take some pictures of it on its own this morning.


    • metalhobo

      ash sandwiched between... ? mahogany top and bottom?


      Looks rad!

    • Gfunk

      Coolio Horizon, congas!

      I have always wanted to play that era ESP.  What pup combo is that?  How is the sound?

      • jt76

        I have had this one for less than a week,

        for this model, they are supposed to be ESP Lh 200's,  these also came with a duncan 59/jb set or EMG 85/81 set.  They are not the duncans and obviously not the emg's.They don't sound like LH 200's.  They sound suspiciously like suhr aldrich pickups, but I have not yet pull them out to see.   Their clarity reminds me a lot of duncan distortions, but they sound more natural, and have better picking response.   I have been thinking I should pull them and see what they are, but they sound good so I just end up playing it instead.   The both pickups are bright and very clear, very modern sounding, I wish the neck was a little warmer but it sounds good anyway.