• Skoggy

      So, would you be as kind as to elaborate what has happended as to the disappereance of post for the last week?

      Did the forum go down and you lost the posts, or have someone been active on the 'delete'-button?

    • guitargirlemg81

      It looks like Road King deleted a lot of his posts. Of course doing that bumps the thread just like liking or editing the op makes a bump.

      Oh, and deleting a post that has replies in it will delete all it's responses. It's fucking stupid.

    • The G.

      Looks like a bad time to post a link to my latest video......

    • guitargirlemg81

      Why is omess banned?

      • Jeff K.

        We're going to be much more firmly adhering to the Terms of Use of the ESP site. Any site member who continually acts in violation of those terms won't be welcome anymore. We've just had too many reports from people who feel they can't participate on the forum and other site functions due to the toxic environment that gets promoted by a few people. We're done with accommodating the bad behavior of those few at the cost of the majority of cool people here. You'll shortly be seeing a simplified code of conduct posted here, and we appreciate all who follow it.

    • slab

      nice post allen harris


      i dont understand this intmidation angle.....the forum will go for days without ANYONE posting


      not because of bullying, but because it is lame

      • J

        I've been lurking since 2008 and have only recently started posting this year. While I must agree that people won't make use of this forum anymore because of the new website, I've seen how the long established forum members "welcome" new members. Its not the typical "hey welcome to the website enjoy your stay!" crap, its just something that new members don't come to expect right off the bat. I've lurked long enough so I know how most members who post in the "General Discussion" forum behave. Its not necessarily bad behaviour on my terms but I must say unless they're the same, its something new members wouldn't want to take part in.


        tl;dr- Its not a very welcoming community and with the new website being lame as it is, its even less.


        Several things about this forum are in dire need of fixing if ESP really does want to have a strong community. Number of members doesn't mean a thing when they're just registering to be entered in some sweepstakes. That's not real support. I'm sorry, ESP.

    • Eric N.

      are they going to do any more of the Will Adler Warbirds in other colors with the skate deck?

    • noa p.

      can we please bring back a "Flying V" bodystyle with a Floyd Rose on it? i love ESP/LTD, but; if they cannot provide for me the style i need, i will have to leave, atleast until i obtain the money for a custom shop ESP... i hate to do it, but; we have all too make some sacrifices.

    • Dave R.

      FYI, the 2,000 point requirement to become 'approved' to post links/photos is no longer in place.

    • ChainOfThought

      When I click on page 4 (last page, currently) of this thread from the main page, it only shows the op and the reply box.  There are no links to navigate to another page either.  Happened on another thread as well.


      glad you finally implemented a number of changes in the past week.  I guess we'll see if it's too little too late.  I was almost ready to throw in the towel here but I'll stick around a while longer to see what happens.

      • Dave R.

        I think it's a glitch from some posts having been removed. I imagine it will catch up to page 4 eventually. I've noticed the issue as well.

        We realize things need to be addressed and are taking action as we can. Hopefully it won't be too little too late, and we can get back to the level of activity we were seeing all those years.

    • ♥messiah♥

      Thanks mod, its good to see you guys making real progress.  Maybe make a sticky post updating all the new features so the people who occasionally check the front page will see the progress.



      Can you accept my friend request?  There's one or two little things I want to ask that aren't important enough for a post.