• Dave R.

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    • NIN

      can we go back to the old forum?

    • Dave R.

      Only in our hearts can we revist it.

    • Jeff H.

      How many chocolate chip cookies could you fit inside the forum, if the forum was the super dome?

    • Jeff H.

      Does Bill Clinton have an account at the ESP site? If not, do you think he would if ESP got into the saxophone business? Do you think he would like the ESP Original Series SAX-I CTM, or do you think he would prefer the affordability of the E-II SAX-II? Also do you think he's a nice guy? He seems nice.

      • Dave R.

        He does not have an account as far as I am aware. Whether he would based on your sax business model hypathetical, tough to say. He seems he would be too busy to entertain such a notion. Were he to choose between an Original or E-II sax (were ESP to offer), I would lean toward Original as he seems to be of the finer taste when it would come to his instrument. Not to mention he likely has the money to afford the highest of quality in his brass instrument of choice. And I agree, he seems to be a pleasant person.

      • Dave R.

        Perhaps in public, while on tour, he would brandish a more 'common mans' horn, but behind closed doors with a 4oz martini he would no doubt be blowin' through something top shelf. 

    • Jeff K.

      The Superdome has an interior space of 125,000,000 cubic feet. Assuming we could get 34 cookies into a cubic foot, that's 4,250,000,000 cookies.

    • Dave R.

      I'm thinking I should have left out the 'etc.' in my post...

    • Erlend M.

      If Vladimir Putin wanted a guitar, do you think he would have had ESP as a first choice? If so, would he order an axe from your factories in the US, or a ESP Original? Bearing in notion that foreign minister John Kerry threatened to freeze US trade with Russia due to their aggression towards Ukraine.

      And if he had ordered one, which of your models do you think he would have chosen?

    • guitargirlemg81

      I remember reading on the board that lasted four months that our posts and threads in there would be transfered to this new forum. Are they coming back?

    • metalhobo

      why is my penis so big?

    • guitargirlemg81

      What is the trick to embed youtube videos?

    • Serge Fabrizio

      Who thought nested comments would be an improvement? I'm genuinely intrigued.

    • ChainOfThought

      What solutions are being looked at for the nested comments problem?  When might we see a fix?  My thoughts are either do away with them all together, or allow for only one layer of nesting.  In other words, someone could reply to this post, but then you can't reply to that response.  That way, for instance, you could answer the questions I've posted and have them attached to this post, but we don't go into a 7 layer nest of comments following that.

      What merit does having the reply at the top of the thread have?  I know its already been said that you don't see it as an important thing to change, but I'm wondering what the reasoning for having it there in the first place is.  Would it be difficult to implement it as an option accessed through our user profile?

      Would it be possible to have an option for smaller avatar & thread title sizes?

      • Dave R.

        The nesting problem for smaller screens has been addressed. I am looking into the nesting issue beyond 2 levels, I would like it to go no deeper myself.

        As far as the reply box, I mentioned that it won't chage. That is the location the developers of this platform chose, and we've decided to leave it be. Implementing it as a user based option isn't feasible.

        Smaller avatars and thread title sizes are possible, although I don't know that it's really a big concern. What's the problem you have specifically?

      • ChainOfThought

        Yeah I remember you mentioning it I was just curious why.  I've dropped it as a major complaint of mine but I just might still bring it up from time to time ;)

        For the avatar sizes & thread titles...not really a big issue, just a personal preference thing.  I think it looks kind of catchy at first, but it has just started to bug me over time I guess.

        I hadn't been to the site on my phone, but I just went and checked it out & you sure as hell did get it to stay readable through the nest.  Thanks for that.


        Oh what about having every nest level automatically expanded as soon as you enter a thread?  That way there might be 18 layers, but you don't click to open each one, you can just scroll down the page normally.  Would that be something easy to implement while you're in the process of looking further into the issue?

      • Dave R.

        It's not reasonable to invest time into changes that relate to individual tastes. That's more 'form' than function, and as you probably know, someone is always going to have a gripe with something regarding that (make the board light, make the board dark, it's too gray, etc). 

        I am also discussing the 'load more replies' implementation, thanks.

      • ChainOfThought

        Oh I know.  I'm more thinking along the lines of preferences through the user profile.  I'm still thinking in terms of vBulletin & things like that where a lot of is just a matter of activating the option, but it seems like what we see is everything there is, anything extra/different is going to require new code & so an investment of time & money?

      • Dave R.

        That is correct.

        The reasons that vBulletin and the like are so customizable is because that's all the business model is; To charge businesses for a feature rich message board that anyone can operate/customize and that's it. This forum is a facet of a much more robust web platform that goes far deeper than that. 

        Again, it will continue to evolve and refine...

    • Ryan H.

      Any more New LTD model finishes coming this year?

    • Jeff H.

      For real, though. I dunno if ol' Tony R has passed on this info yet but the site is kind of a mess when viewed on an iphone. Profile pages don't show all information, it's really difficult to post a photo in the forums using the library (though I kinda figured out a trick to get it to work), but the button to embed the image from the popup into the post doesn't appear completely and you can't click it, nor can you scroll down past the pop up to get to the entire button..

    • exhibit-sbt

      I still hate when I see new comments on a multipage thread, and I cannot tell where the hell the new comment is.  Example.. Saw a new post from Mod was on here, could not pick out which it was.  

      Can we as a group vow to stop nesting until this feature is simply removed?