• Zorlac

    *unofficial * Esp board spam thread

    For active and known members please.

    to "mods"

    if you don't wish for this thread to happen (even tho single spam threads have been allowed) then just PM ME AND I WILL TAKE IT DOWN. no need to enforce any disrespectful Gestapo tactics and delete it yourself. We're all adults here.

    ***in no way or form is this thread a reflection of the esp brand***

    pictures will be allowed but responding ITT should be avoided if possible.

    Please utilize the friend request/pm options for contacting members on a post. 


    if this becomes a noticable problem before a mod steps in i will be deleting this thread


    Please include any and all details about the item so as to not misrepresent what you are selling, I.e. The condition of the gear.


    lastly what the mods say goes. If this thread lastly and they ask you to remove and or edit your post, RESPECT THE REQUEST.


    happy selling!

    • Zorlac

      I'll start.




      Up for sale is a MINT condition Esp Eclipse II in the discontinued and somone hard to come by Vintage White finish.

      pretty straight forward axe.

      Single Cut

      Cream body/neck

      Cream binding

      Ebony Board

      Emg pickups

      Sperzel locking tuners

      Black Hardware


      Would really like to keep this local to save on hassle and shipping cost...

      Area: New York, Westchester/ 5 Boroughs

      will meet within reasonable distance.

      Price: $1050

      will post more pics if there's interst.

    • exhibit-sbt


      $725 shipped.  Mesa Boogie 2:50 power amp, wwitchable from EL34 to 6l6, I have JJ KT77's in it and it slays..  I will be shipping with 6l6's however.  Very good condition.

      $425 shipped.  Engl E530 preamp.  Also great condition.  

      Cases are not included.  

    • Cory W.

      Asking $460 but I'm certainly open to offers.

      Few dings here and there but nothing major. EMG 81 and 60. Case included.

      Buyer pays shipping, lower 48 only, please.

    • exhibit-sbt

      ESP LTD V-350.  This guitar comes with a hardshell case and EMG Hetset.  Asking $650 shipped for 48 states.

      I know it's got Duncans in the pics, but about 2 weeks ago I tried the hets.  Unfortuntately my amp just went into the shop so I need some funds for the repairs.  

      This first picture is about how it looks inside the house.  The blue isn't as bright and the color has a little more green.  Very hard to catch that color outside.