• Hmouth

    Been a while...

    Howdy folks. Place is a bit quiet these days. Quick note to the mod/s, your forum is very broken, I had to start a new account and biz.

    Also - not being able to post links? Very lame.

    Anyways, Iv had some pretty epic news recently, if anyone has a spare 5 minutes to check out Collapse on Facebook that would be very grand! 

    Hope everyone is doing good! 

    • Dave R.

      Why did you have to start a new account?

      Not being able to post links is for newcomers to avoid spamming. You know, the ol' "Hey check out my band on Facebook!" first post. We're helping Gfunk retire his spam gif...

      • Dave R.

        Sounds reasonable, I'll pass the suggestion along.

      • Pushead

        He probably didn't realize that you need to log in with an e-mail address instead of your username on the new forum.  I assume (possibly wrongly) that this is Hmantooth from the old board.

      • Hmouth

        I tried signing in with email, no dice. Even signing up for a new account was like pulling teeth. 

        Admittedly this post was a bit cheeky as it could be considered spam, however, Iv been lurking/posting on these boards off and on since I was at college (2001 I think) so I figured people would recognise that im not here just trying to sell some shit. I simply had some very awesome news recently that I wanted to share. I apologise if this comes across as Spammy. 

        Everything RK stated below is 100% bang on. 

    • ChainOfThought

      I'd rather see the occasional 'hey check out my band & remember to vote!!!!11!!11!1" post than deal with the point system and all the griping that goes along with it.  I get the intent, I just never really saw a huge problem with spam on the old board.  If anything it just added more fuel to the fire for us.


      I'm really trying hard to stick with this forum and wait for things to get better but I just don't see any change happening in response to what seems like unanimous community request.  Is it difficult with this new software to move the reply box to the bottom or add a couple more emoticons in?  I honestly don't know so I'm asking, because it seems like just a couple little tweaks like that would make a lot of us a lot happier.


      Edit:  Also seems like if the only intent was to avoid the 1-post spam&gone type you could make the points requirement like ten...post a couple times and you're good to go.  Most of us that have a couple thousand points did so by uploading hundreds of pictures, a lot of people did that by re-uploading the same picture hundreds of times.  Is it really worth the extra strain on the server?  I now have an album full of I-don't-even-know-how-many motivational posters because it was the easiest set of pictures I could upload to get the points.  The whole thing just seems asinine from where I'm sitting.  Again I understand the intent, I just don't really get the implementation.

    • Dave R.

      We had a HUUUGE problem with spam before, that is why the manual activation was left in place all those years. For every valid account, there were 100 spam accounts behind it. That's no exageration.

      Moving the reply box to the bottom is not really seen as a necessity, I know it bothers many but it will stay up top for the time being. Not terribly hard to get used to I think. I know this isn't like the 'off-the-shelf' systems you are/were used to.

      Thanks Moderator.

      • ChainOfThought

        Alright, so I get how having a points system takes a huge strain off the mods/admins with not having to do a manual activation.  I don't get how 2,000 points is necessary...thats 2,000 posts before someone can post a picture.  There have been entire years that I've posted here and not gone much over 2 or 3,000 posts.  Yes you can do other things like invite people to the forum or upload pictures, but I don't see those as legitimate alternatives.  But I digress.


        The reply box issue...would it be terribly difficult to just make it an option?  Something we can set in the control panel where having it at the top is standard but those of us that are trying to actually use the forum as a forum can move it to the bottom where it makes sense?


        I'm really trying to not bust your balls Dave, I do still have the feeling that you're on 'our side.'  I just don't/can't understand how so many things seem to have been brought up and met only with 'meh, nah.'  I mean does the state of the forum look different from an Admin perspective?  Because from down here it seems like its dying REAL fast and it seems like with that happening they would want to listen to the community to try and improve the experience so people stick around and continue to join/stay.  I get the impression that you're no longer able to make direct changes to the overall forum so I understand that you have to listen to all of us bitch & moan and all you can try and do is run it up a chain and let us know what answer comes back down.   If thats true, sorry for that, it sounds like it sucks.  I just wish whoever were 'calling the shots' around here now would actually be willing to listen to us and make changes like you have over the past decade.

    • guitargirlemg81


    • NIN

      does the same go for a PM? i didnt see any way to send a PM other than to a "friend"

    • slab

      dave, you seem like a nice guy....


      but facts are facts, the forum is dead


      for whatever reason, kapüt 


      oh wait, i have a friend request...some schlep trying to get points

    • Ozzfun

      Mod, you and I have been through a lot together; so could you please just give me picture posting powers? It's the least you could do for taking away my chance at 10,000 posts.