• Nitrobattery

    Studio Pics

    My band is curerently in the studio mixing our album, and I thought I'd share some pics for all of you recording nerds out there. 





    • Nitrobattery

      Sadly, it does sort of seem like ESP brainstormed with the masterminds of Google+

    • ChainOfThought

      Comments on the absurdity of not being able to post some decent pictures because of the new board aside...


      Looks like a pretty sweet setup.  What band are you in?

    • Nitrobattery

      We're just a small band doing an album out of the love of it. Not signed to a label or anything. I engineered 90% of it myself, now we're having it mixed in a studio in Syracuse, NY. The band is called Into Shadow (yep, that's a Lord of The Rings reference haha). We're on Facebook if anyone is interested in hearing rough pre-production stuff. We're hoping to have the album out mid-April 

    • Nitrobattery

      Our CD release is May 31st at The Oneonta Theatre in Oneonta, NY. If any of you guys are in the Centreal NY area....swing by! Should be a fun night. Some really cool bands and a lot of prizes. 


      And now since I'm still not able to post links despite being a member here for over a decade, here's a clip of some tunes with the link broken up  YouTube dot com slash watch?v=zn5w8VPVbCo

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