• Gfunk

    Yo Wiretap, Custom EC Pron Pls

    Post that pig including flank shots.


    Grassy Ass.


    • Jeff H.

      There is a few on my profile in a folder too.. Might be the same as these but whatever.


      This is just a dumb heavily edited photo from my instagram, but it does show off how that grain on the back looks in the light nicely, 

      And those are all under sun. It's actually a dark subtle finish as you can see here with the LP:

    • slab



      but old horn and 4 knob and i'd take it to mexico for nuptials

      • Jeff H.

        Haha they would only do one or the other, or some kind of variation (switches for example) since I'm in the US, 3knob/old horn would look stupid, 4knob/new horn would look ok but I like the 3 knob set up better from a playing standpoint. Retrospectively I could have gone the Hetfield route and put a switch there and replace it with a knob later but that's a lot of work.

    • Gfunk


      Do you know what is weighs?  How is the tone and sustain compared to the rest of the arsenal? 

      Did you request no decal on the back of the headstock?  Just curious.



      • Jeff H.

        I don't have a scale but just guessing I would say between 8 and 9 pounds. It's heavier than my standards, but my Gibson is a little bit heavier (but not by much) the Gibby is not a boat anchor either, so that's my guess based off that. Tone wise it sounds nearly identical to the Gibson but the pickups I have in it aren't as high output. Some of my standards have more "bass" but in a muddier way, not as clear. Sustain and playability it smashes them all, no contest whatsoever. It's pretty insane how much better it plays and sustains.


        And I did throw in a request at some point about not having the stamp, which they went ahead and skipped. I've only seen a few customs without it and thought it was cool.

    • Gfunk


      I agree and like it better without the decal.  What is the color considered?

      Is that a foil Maiden Nippon sticker?

    • Pushead

      That's a great color burst.  Does it look more red in real life or is it more brown looking?

      • Jeff H.

        It really depends on the lighting. I used ESP's 2-tone burst as a reference but asked them to make it a darker brown/red. Sometimes the red pops, and sometimes it looks more brown.. Here's a photo where it looks way less red than the ones in the sunlight:

    • Chris d

      i love the finish on that thang!