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    NGD & NPD & Clip

    I got my Agile Intrepid Pro 828 in the mail today, fuck yeah.  This guitar is fucking awesome.  The build quality seems top notch, absolutely no defects, the fret work is fantastic & the wood all seems like good quality.  I'm not really sure how I feel about the SD Blackouts, but I'm not changing them any time soon so its a moot point.  I had to retweak my patches on the Pod but I think I've gotten some pretty decent tones with minimal tweaking on what I had for the 7321.

    The 28" scale isn't fucking with me at all....definitely more of a stretch, but I haven't found any of my riffs that I just flat out can't play because of it.  I'm not sure why, but I actually have an easier time playing around the 5th & 6th strings than I did on the 7.  It definitely feels natural to play it like a 7 string with an extra low string as opposed to riding the 8th string  like you would normally ride the 6th or 7th string....if that makes sense.  There is a little bit of fret buzz that I might need to adjust out, but its not too bad.    This is my first guitar with no inlay on the neck and that has honestly been the hardest thing to adjust to so far.  So far its only really bothered me with trying to learn/play Meshuggah songs, not so much when I'm playing my own shit.


    Oh the NPD is for the PodHDPro, I don't think I ever did a thread for it.  Traded my E530 for it a while back to upgrade from the podXT I'd been using.  I'm definitely loving the thing.  I'm still heavily in the tweaking process right now.  Trying to get patches that do 90% of the EQ & whatnot on the pod rather than relying on post-processing in Reaper.  So far I think I've got a pretty decent sound of it but there's still a long ways to go.  It DEFINITELY has a better bass tone for me than the XT did.  Took a while to find it...but its there and its getting a hell of a lot closer to what I wanted from a bass tone.


    So here's a quick clip with the 8.  After not playing it for 5 or 6 months I started re-learning Dancers to a Discordant System.  Whats in the clip is as much as I've ever learned...the riff following the cutoff is confusing as fuck   Its sloppy, I totally fucked up one of the transitions (was playing it wrong) and I've already further tweaked the patches...but here it is anyways.  I'm not sure of a better way to do it so I just panned the song hard left and my guitar hard right.  Dual track, each patch is dual-amp using the bogner model with various cabs.

    edit: Forgot to mention, the guitars are completely dry, zero post processing.  Usually they would at LEAST get a HPF & LPF.


    I'll take some pictures & whatnot soon.


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