• Pushead

    New from when the brand wasn't so confusing

    Sold my Horizon and bought this Eclipse to replace it.  Also bought the 5153 last week after selling a few other guitars.

    I like the four knob Eclipses better; sue me.  I would have put it in the "something neat" thread, but rules are rules.

    • exhibit-sbt

      You grab that one on the bay?  I think I saw it there.  Dreamed about it for an afternoon, then it was gone. 

      Congrats on both.  Gassss on both.



      Oh but, maybe fix the black/white/black/white/black knob thing going on.  Unless you're into that sort of thing. 

    • Blake

      Wow, that eclipse looks great. Nice score!

    • slab

      money, bro


      that paneling reminds me of a catholic priest i used to know


      good times

    • Gfunk

      Cool crap, congas!


      I love the look of those STBC ECs, but the one I had sounded like poo. 


      Probably because it only had 3 knobs.


    • Tondog

      We've got one of those on our local CL that I was kind of eye-balling. Is it full thickness?

    • Pushead

      Gfun, everyone knows the tone exists in the extra tone knob (duh) and the extended horn.  It has Suhr SSV and SSH+ pickups in it, each with a treble bleed wired on the volume pot and a coil-split wired to the tone knob.  It sounds good, but since I'm also working with a new amp, it's hard to say how it stacks up to anything else I have.  The guitar plays really nicely, though.

      Exhibit, there's still a similar one (another 04) on ebay, but the guy has no feedback, to pls take careful™.

      RK, though I appreciate your concern for my cognitive and mental stability, in this case it was more a quick jab at the additional brands ESP has to establish and define than actual confusion on my part.  Do you even quip?

    • KFW

      I haven't seen one with a regular horn in so long, I forgot what they looked like. Awesome.

    • Jeff H.

      Very nice! How you liking the 5150 3? I'm having to send mine in to Fender for some repairs right now , unfortunately. Love the amp though.

      • Pushead

        I'm liking it so far.  Channel 1 is brilliant.  Channel 2 could use another 1-2 notches of gain.  Thus far, I'm not finding anything useful on channel 3 after about 1:30.  It get noisier, but not any better.  I'm finding I sit at one notch before 12:00 on the gain with my main RRR with the Norton, and one notch after 12:00 with the EMGs.

        The mid knob is the key on all of the channels.  Huge changes can be dialed in with that mid knob.

        *Edit - I should note that mine has been modded by "Kruse Kontrol" with their Super Sonic Mod.  Not exactly sure what it does, but it's adjustable with a pot on the back, and it seems to dial out mid level mud.  Not that the amp is muddy, but that's the best description I can give.


        • Jeff H.

          I have a feeling we have VERY similar tone taste. I also wish 2 had a tad more gain and a little before 12 is prime on 3. But, the mids of 2 are a lot more dynamic than 3, which is a tad more scooped despite my mids always being cranked. The gain issue on 2 is fixable with a pedal, though. Great amp, though. Since mine has been out of commission I've been using a dual rec and while I finally got a decent sound out of it, it lacks sorely in mids and the gain character is crap compared to the EVH. Not nearly as crisp and tight.

    • D-EJ915

      Looks great man, congrats

    • Pushead


      Sort of the same, sort of different.  Not sure how I feel about the 3 knob setup.  Het Set is interesting.  Will have to play through the varieties of pickups when I get this thing setup to see what is working for me.

      Thankee Sai Exhibit.

    • Skoggy

      Not a fan of the three-knob, but that green... Awesome looking axe, man. Congrats.