• Leo Vannucci


    Are these replacing the current ESP Standards? I bought my ESP Standard Horizon FR-7 a couple months ago and it has the new slanted ESP logo (similar to the LTD Elite logo). Is that no more?? Why would ESP put out a new logo for just a year and the re-brand the whole series? 

    I thought E-II was like the replacement for the LTD Elite line-up, but the ESP Standard was staying. I like the ESP "Original" line-up too, but they should be merged with the current ESP Standards, I woudln't feel comfortable if say I got my guitar stolen at the end of this 2014, and when I go buy the same model, it says E-II instead of ESP on the headstock. Even if they're made in Japan or whatever, even if they are the exact same thing, why does it say "E-II"? sounds like a sub-brand anyway, just as "Epiphone by Gibson".

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