• Trashgreen

      The LTD Elite and E-II are not the same quality, the price is also slight different. The LTD Elite is still a good quality guitar though. It may seem a little confusing that the same models and colors from the LTD Elite series are now found as a part of the E-II standard series, but they are now offered in a higher quality. The M-II FM models now has an Original Floyd Rose, the Elite series had an Floyd Rose 1000 series. Better wood quality would be expected too. I remember seeing those LTD Elite guitars at last years Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013, they where very nice guitars indeed but the fingerboards found on those was not as nice looking as the fingerboards found on the ESP and E-II standard series. My guess is that ESP wanted to keep those models and color options available cause a lot of people showed interest in them. ESP didn´t want them to be a one year offer only. Now you can still get those models but in a slightly higher quality within the E-II standard series...

      Let´s not forget:

      E-II standard series = ESP standard series


    • Airborneherpes

      Methinks the NGDs will be fewer and further between for these new sub-brands. That makes my vicarious lifestyle much more difficult.

    • Hmouth

      Guy from my old band bought the E-II JL7, thing is a fucking beast!