Old Threads

    So, a few days ago, I, and I'm sure many of you, noticed that all of our old threads are back. Yay.


    I appreciate this gesture, as it was promised to us, however, I see a few issues with this.


    One, my account is registered to my current email address, which is not the one I used when I originally joined, resulting in my old profile not being linked to my current one. Not a big deal, but there you go.


    Two, I keep seeing threads from over five years ago being bumped by n00bs. The thread is fucking six years old, dude. Pretty sure OP doesn't care anymore.


    This new forum was flooded with hundreds of old threads, and most of them have no real information in them. Just some guy asking for advice on a guitar. These threads should be archived. We don't need to be bumping threads from 2007.

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